Tennin's Backup Plan

Icedman 46

Use Mushin No Shin and Tennin's ID power to charge up Plan B's, holding Agendas in-hand (coupled with Shock!s and Snare!s, HQ and RnD should be very difficult to steal Agendas from). All Agendas in the deck require more than just access to steal. Interns and JHow recurs the Plan B's.

ToL as a backup if the Runner doesn't take the bait, with ArchMem and JHow to recur them if needed.

Given the only econ is GRNDL Refineries and Pop-Ups, I'm pretty sure this deck will crash and burn spectacularly :-)

4 Mar 2014 vevicus

How do you intend on making the runner not actually run to accumulate Tenin passive tokens?

10 Mar 2014 Icedman

Not a clue :-) Remember though, that the runs must be successful to turn off the ID power; perhaps a little more taxing ETR needs to go in...