Hacker Mom 2.0

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"What do you do for work, mommy?"

This is my current iteration of Sunny.

We're running the typical Sunny-powered Resource-economy suppremented by Career Fair, and not much needs to be said about it. The drip lets you stay ahead of the trash-game so many Spark decks force you to play these days.

Self-modifying Code is our breaker-tutor of choice, as opposed to Special Order. It saves us a click, can be paid for using Multithreader, and can find your threaders and Datasuckers if your breaker suite is online.

Globalsec Security Clearance serves a s R&D-pressure. I have to say, I underestimated this card before I started playing with it. We can make a free pseudo-run on R&D each turn, and of there is an agenda there, go get it. The only way to get out from under the clearance is to draw a bunch of cards, and that's where we can Legwork to snatch anything that slipped through our net.

Security Nexus is the actual nuts, and leads to the cheapest Tollbooths and Archers ever. Just remember to not run last click, as you might get a tag if you decide to forfeit the trace.

Security Chip is a safety-clutch. If you're low on cash, you can still break most ICE by popping one of these. Useful when the corp believes they have a scoring window, for example right after you've made an expensive R&D run to snatch an agenda. They pressure remotes by just laying there on the board.

Your drip econ allows you to make one impactful run each turn. As codemarvellous has previously discussed, one way to exploit this is with Medium. I've instead opted to pressure HQ, since this combined with Security clearance allows you to pressure two servers at once without running out of money.

When playing this deck, you try to set up as quickly as possible with some drip and a couple of breakers or Nexus, while keeping the corp honest through moderate pressure. Once you have a Security Clearance up and running, you can fall into a rythm of checking the top of R&D, clicking Kati, pressuring a remote or HQ, and drawing/installing. Your drip will sustain one run per turn, and Kati can build up in the background for whenever you need to glory-run.

The one thing I want to fit into the deck is another Jak Sinclair, so we can more reliably draw him in the early game. He is really useful for keeping corps honest by pressuring open remotes or fetching datasucker tokens, but he's not a core essential for your gameplan.

Sunny is just as strong as we anticipated, maybe even stronger. She plays like Kit, in that she makes one impactful run each turn, except she can know exactly when to hit R&D and when to smash another place, and you have drip.

"Mommy kicks ass and takes names, sweetie."

15 Nov 2015 HiggsBozo

Modded seems clearly worse than Lucky Find at 2 Influence.

My intuition is that Legwork will kind of suck for you - against Sunny I jam agendas in the remote as quickly as possible to race her setup time, so there aren't really points in HQ.

15 Nov 2015 pang4

Modded is actually there to compress her setup time a bit.

15 Nov 2015 pang4

Modded is actually there to compress her setup time a bit, by being econ and install for one click.

Legwork, I agree, is an imperfect solution. Although it's mostly there to threaten HQ AFTER you set up r&d lock with clearance.

How would you challenge early remotes better? Do we try to squeeze in some additional central pressure?

15 Nov 2015 Krams

Why have you opted for Dysons as ? Your full rig uses 4 of 8 . Data Folding only requires 2 unused . If you don't intend to use more program support for influence reasons, I think you can replace Dyson for Globalsec for cheaper link-up. You'll still have enough targets for Modded.

15 Nov 2015 pang4

To be perfectly honest, they are remnants of a previous version of the deck. I could cut them for AtG, but that would mean I couldn't install all my support programs.

15 Nov 2015 sruman

Agree on better uses of the 4 influence from modded. Personally, I would go with Zu over Striker for that influence, saves you 3 on install (equal to 1 modded) and breaks all popular ice as cheap or cheaper (enigma for 4 with striker ... what?).

16 Nov 2015 Krams

I don't think ZU is actually that much better as soon as you include Datasuckers in the build. Both ZU and Striker break Enigma for 1 Sucker token + 2 . Of course, in every other faction I'd go for ZU over Striker, but in Sunny? Striker isn't that bad.
If you really want to cut the Modded (which I wouldn't), I'd go for a third Sucker and Threader. Makes them easier to find and have as an earlier support without the need to SMC them, leaving the SMCs for breakers. Plus, if the game goes on really long and the corp glaciers up really hard, you could use up 6 of 8 for support - the optimal use of your Dysons. So much support would give you one free big run per turn.

18 Nov 2015 pang4

After some testing, you don't need more than two threaders/suckers online at a single time. With your drip and the Nexus, you don't need more recurring money.

So the question of Modded. If we remove it, all our programs become that much harder to install, not to mention Nexus. The influence we open up could let us run The Source, which could help us with the aforementioned setup time problem.