Mothers Against Fun or Instant Agendas (MAFIA)

Bromero 13

All agendas are corp tested, and mother approved.

This deck is the result of a couple of revisions of playing with Sunny. MAFIA falls prey to the cardinal sin of being a big slowpoke, but it also takes pleasure in dragging the corporation down with it to join her.

Your apartment helps you set up a rad house-party for all of your judgmental friends, and once that gets rolling, the corp stops rolling. This list has the happy coincidence of being able to pull instant-speed sources from peddlers occasionally, but that's not usually the shenanigans you'll be pulling.

You plop that source down with all of it's crony fall guys, and cranky critics, and let the corp melt. Every agenda that is it at least 3 advancements needs to sit out telegraphed with a counter, or pull out multiple fast advance tricks to get it out of hand. Your critics guarantee you won't blow up the source yourself, so there's a very good chance the corp will have to deal with the source the entire game.

What this means is that you are very selective about your runs. Jak and The Scrubbers (The punk band invited to the apartment) make sure assets collapse, or get over-iced. Your runs are against almost anything advanced, and when R&D taunts you with something through your Security Clearance.

MAFIA suffers against a lot of things though. It is not thrilled about defensive upgrades, and needs to shift gears to kill them ASAP. If that means hitting a remote with nothing but those defensive upgrades, then so be it.

You will also fold to advanced traps. Your game plan is to sit and snipe, so you'll probably eat some tasty overwriters and get your nexus blown up every once and a while.

There are a lot of flaws here, but it's also a lot of fun stripping agendas of anything fun. No defense triggers, no speed. Keeping the children safe.

Criticism appreciated!