Apocalypse MaxX - 5-0, 24 players

Pushover 101

Taken from the Apocalype Now list, I cut much of the burst power of the original list for better control over the corp. DDoS and Amped Up provide good sudden bursts of power, but I tend to value the ability to control the corp's expansion via removing problem cards. DDoS also loses much of its value if you start floating the Siphon tags, as you have to install it the turn you use it -- a difficult proposition if you are attempting to use a Same Old Thing as well!

I removed the Mimic since I will so rarely play a non-Eater breaker before running, and I have to run an Architect something like 5 times before a Mimic becomes more useful than Eater (not even counting the MU it requires). Knight is a generally more useful card, since it aids in remote pressure, and does not require you to know ice ahead of time.

Knived/Spooned and I brought in for the HB matchup, where you can click through some ice to trash it, and Hacktivist really puts a dent into BBG/Campaign things.

I like a single copy of Immolation Script in my MaxX decks, since Keyhole allows you to find and trash unfriendly ice that you can later use. As well, many players will throw away a second copy of Tollbooth or another expensive ice when they realize they won't be able to rez the second anytime soon.

Overall, this deck is very powerful against NEH and HB.

19 Nov 2015 LSK

Immolation Script! Frig I wish I'd thought of that.

20 Nov 2015 prozz

@LSK what to throw out from your version to fit it in? :)