Dyper 1.0

rotage 2040

This is my worlds deck that went 4-4 on the day, with my overall tally being 8-8.

The premise of the deck is to build up for one mega turn of up to 16 clicks using hyperdriver and all-nighters, where you run R&D a lot and try to win in that one turn using false echo and DDOS to ensure there is no rezzed ice on R&D. Medium to access more cards and demolition run when you want to see more cards

The strategy of the deck is fairly simple, ideally you want to keep the corp guessing as long as possible as to what you are doing, so playing sure gambles, installing astrolab, clone chip is a good start, I would then install leprechaun where eyebrows would start to raise, bookmark would further raise eyebrows. Once hyperdriver is installed then the corp will know you have a big turn planned and it will probably involve R&D, however I always install DDOS & False Echo on the big turn so they are not 100% sure how you will get into R&D, most people assumed I was playing the bagbiter / notoriety version. Below is some explanations for the other card inclusions

Employee Strike - There was a lot of talk of Harp before Worlds so I had to include this otherwise winning would be very difficult, I faced 0 harp decks on the day...

Faust - In case someone uses an Accelerated Beta Test or rezzes ice, it can use this to break the ice

Escher - See above, unless they have more rezzed ice then unrezzed ice on the board it can be used to ensure there is no unrezzed ice on R&D

Bookmark - This card serves many purposes, it allows me to draw heavily with Quality Time and not have to chuck the cards away, provide meat damage protection in case of posted bounty or breaking news/247 news cycle and to provide cards for Faust

Eden Shard - I had 1 influence left and this just allows me to see two extra cards in R&D

My big fear on the day was that people wouldn't appreciate playing against a solitaire deck, however it was opposite as people liked the fact I wasn't prepaid kate.

The deck struggles most against NEH, it went 1-3 against NEH and 3-1 against ETF. I don't think I can speed it up enough to compete with NEH but any suggestions would be welcome.

28 Nov 2015 Swiftie

Take my kikey, love the deck ☺