Hunting Prey


The deck needs more tweaking but the concept is simple, use Clone Chip and Retrieval Run to recur the things fed to Endless Hunger.

Apex is naturally event heavy so Prepaid VoicePAD coupled with Wasteland helps to pay for those events.

Apex is digital so I thought it would make sense thematically to have it be able to have access all kinds of different programs.

20 Nov 2015 tiedyedvortex

Couple comments:

  1. Even with a Heartbeat down you can only install Endless Hunger and one other program that costs MU. If you're using a Mimic or D4v1d, then you don't also have room for Deus X or Grappling Hook. Also, why do you need Deus X when you have Heartbeat?
  2. Spending a Retrieval Run to reinstall a Harbinger is horribly inefficient; that's a click and 3 credits to give you two trashables, when you could have just put the Run facedown instead for free. The only program worth spending a Retrieval Run on is Femme, which is not a bad play but pretty hard to pull off. You'd be better off using Déjà Vu: you don't have viruses but you can use it to pull back other stuff besides programs.
  3. Why Ice Analyzer? It's a virtual resource, sure, but your programs are all super cheap except for Femme. It seems pretty slow.
20 Nov 2015 Im_cypher

Def need e3 Feedback Implants in here. Goes perfect with Endless Hunger since if there is an end the run then you can break any others that the ICE has also.