Sunny Vamp

gozik 401

A Fool There Was

Plot summary:

Sunny is vamp woman. No man can stand against her. In the end she will take all your money, no matter what.


The main idea is Economy with big E. Your engine is huge and it needs time to setup, but you still apply pressure with free runs from Jak Sinclair. Jak is beast, no doubt. He gives you free clicks for facechecking all central and every shellgame. In middle game Jak draws with Masanori, charges suckers and tests their security. In late game he allow you to make free run through their defence with Nexus. Sinclair is the real MVP of this deck.

Your strategy is not fast, but don't worry handicap is not huge. You can easily overtake astrotrain on second halt, in other words it's ok letting corp to score 3-4 points. Don't let corp to rez more than 1 ice on RnD though. Build your drip economy, draw a lot. At some moment you have income of 3-5 credits per turn + stable draw engine in some combination of Masanory/Visage/Hotel. Here lands your first Vamp (in some matchups you can wait for install-advance-advance play). Without any credit caprice in remote is not a treat, Ash costs 2 to overtrace.

From this point you control the game, nothing intresting here. Dig RnD, don't let to rez big ices. Keep corp low with SoTs. You can easily go tag-me mode vs EtF at this stage. At some point you just win.


Vamp - The hero. Deck defining card.

Medium - Hero's friend. Finishes games after hero 've done his job.

Carreer Fair - huge boost, card that saves you 3 credits and click for install. You have 7 perfect targets for it: Data Foldings, Hotels and Supplier (and lot of 2 credits resourses). From my expirience that is enough to justify 3 slots for this great card.

John Massanori - with Jak gives you free card every turn. That's better then wyldside! After Nexus hits the table you almost never fails a run, moreso after you land first vamp. So John's drawback is not crutial. I think about playing second copy.

Security testing - Also would like to play second copy here but cannot find enough influence for that. Great synegry with Jak, John and Dirty Laundry. Additional pressure on central servers.

Qianju PT - synergize well with Vamp and John Masanori. Helps a lot in NBN matchup. Let you go through Data Ravens, Gutenbergs e.t.c. Really nice card that is underplayed in current meta imho. Also another target for Supplier.

Security Nexus - huge. Huge. HUGE. I just cannot describe how good it is. From theoretical crafting I expect it to be good, but it happened to be all star of this deck. It applies pressure on every server. Synergize with Jak. Allows you to face check the most terribles ices. Open doors to every server in late game. Just keep it in deck, don't try anything else in these slots.

Earthrise Hotels/Symmetrical Visage/Quality Time/I've had Worse - yep this deck has lot of drawing cards. In every other game I end with empty stack. That allows me to play lot of singletons(Masanori, Supplier, Visage, Testing, Qianju, Medium, breakers). I don't need every of these items early, but at some points you will draw them and enhance your engine. There are still dead draws like second copies of Jak or Nexus, but these cards are really crutial.

Alternate Versions:

The current version is stable and perfoming well. But there are some slots that I'm not quite sure about. Here are most questionable:

-Kati Jones (probably there are enough economy already)

-3rd Same old Thing (i didn't need it in any single game, probably 2 are enough. The only real target for them is Vamp)

-Plascrete Carapace (I add it only to fill empty spot, previous version didn't feature it and still won all scroched earth match-ups)

-Power Tap - meta choice, can be swaped for Scrubber, some Shard or maybe Stimhack. Open slot with influence to adjust deck to your style and local meta.

Globalsec Security Clearance and Security Chips didn't make the cut. They do nothing in this deck. Also was dropped Traffic Jam. I don't have any other ideas how to improve the current build. (If you have any advice - please share!)


Overall perfomance 7-1. Didn't test so far vs Jinteki, but red corps ussually weak to Vamp decks.

The biggest Vamp - 69 credits vs SE BlueSun, that oversighted his Curtain wall several times and click Adonis every other turn.

The only lost - death to Sea Source/SE combo at 4th turn. Don't end your turns with 3 cards after testing with Jak, dudes.

The most number of cards left in stack after victory - 13.

P.S. Hope you will like this deck. Good luck and Have fun!

23 Nov 2015 moistloaf

Always a treat to have another deck from you (: