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dav_i 9


The idea behind this deck is to stick your agenda in a server with as many upgrades as you can.

An example scoring server is a couple of nice pieces of ICE with two unrezzed Ash 2X3ZB9CYs, a unrezzed Red Herrings and an advanced Explode-a-palooza. If the runner gets through the ICE, then you rez an Ash, boosting the trace with your ID, they access and trash Ash. Same again another time. Once they're in again, you rez the Red Herrings. At this point they probably don't have the 5 creds to pay to steal any agendas, they access the Explode-a-palooza all the same so you get 5 creds. Next turn, score it out. Jackson back your Ashes, rinse and repeat.

Most of the ICE is tracing to leverage the ID ability as much as possible, also making it a pain for Endless Hunger with minimal plain "End the run" subs.

This deck was built with cards from only

  • Core x1.5
  • What Lies Ahead
  • The Source
  • Old Hollywood
  • Proxied Jacksons