Kaos64 116

Game plan is make money, bounce Chameleons around and break everything strength 3 + LLDS for cheap.

Pro Co because Hayley likes money and cards, personal workshop so you can actually use Hayley's ability the same turn you sell a harbinger. D4v1d to break the super big things Chameleons and LLDS to break everything else. Lady because wraparound is a bastard and it's funny to break Eli for no money the turn you drop it.

Install chameleons onto Scheherazade which gives you a credit back. 30 of the 45 cards in this deck result in money on technical writer.

Scavenge for both Lady and Femme gives you Scheherazade money and technical writer money.

Atman is possibly the card most on the bubble here. It's a bit of a non-bo when you drop it as it gets the LLDS boost. Could probably be dropped for a Deus, 3rd RDI or possibly Cyber Cypher.

23 Nov 2015 TKO

how does personal workshop help with the harbinger glitch.?

23 Nov 2015 Kaos64

You can choose to trigger the start of turn ability of personal workshop before triggering Aesop. That way you can pop a program off of personal workshop, trigger Hayley's ability and then sell the harbinger.

23 Nov 2015 TKO

yeah just refreshed the page to say I figured it out lol. thank you. that's pretty awesome. my wife plays the novelist deck just with atman removed for 1 more lady. she replaced harbinger with pawn and it works ok. you sacrifice the extra sell for extra technical writer and Scheherazade procs.

23 Nov 2015 Kaos64

That's a pretty cool idea. I hadn't considered pawn.

23 Nov 2015 TKO

yeah it's fun if you need that money right away (or there aren't any in the heap yet) you can sell it. after that, you can make runs and let them cycle each other for procs. just keep installing them from your heap onto Scheherazade. the. you draw your third one, sell the second one, and cycle the last one.

24 Nov 2015 TKO

come to think of it, I don't think work with the 2.2 revision of pawn's text. in that case, it just becomes a harbinger with no ability. :( can anyone confirm?

4 Jan 2016 Kaos64

Recent update -1 Atman and -1 Sharpshooter for +1 RDI and +1 Sacrificial Construct. Found I was rarely using the Atman and Sharpshooter.