Horizontal Supermodernism

Kaos64 116

Inspired by Quinns deck from the UK nationals.

Lots of nasty sentries, lots of faust hate, lots of assets and a splash of death.

Use the future is now to find those singleton silver bullets included in the deck like Crisium, Corp Town, Sea Source and potentially even Archer.

The runner has 18 points of agendas to work with, you have 23. Public support is a 4/5 cost pain in the backside that provides absolutely no benefit to the runner. It's like NAPD on steroids.

I would love to squeeze in any of the following: 3rd Tour Guide The Root Paywall World's Plaza Wormhole

24 Nov 2015 UminWolf

Oh man, this deck has got me all tingly, I really like the cards in it. Definitely going to try this out. Thanks for sharing

24 Nov 2015 UminWolf

@Kaos64: Could you post a link to the deck list that inspired this one? Even if it's not on NRDB, I would still like to see it :)

24 Nov 2015 Kaos64

@UminWolf I'd say it's somewhere on netrunnerdb but after seeing it in the flesh I came across the list here www.acoo.net

There should be some vids of it being played floating around on YouTube as well.