Weasley's Got Himself a Howler!

slobad31 537

Just a rather janky attempt at Offer into Howler into Janus, the thought being that they have no clicks during the forced run with which to break bioroids. On a similar note, Ryon will be able to do his work during the forced run, for the same reason. AIs can rip Howler a new one, though, so perhaps it should just be Brainchips or Bioroid Efficiency Research. Even so, I was unable to resist the Harry Potter reference...

23 Nov 2015 pandaman64

Offer basically reads "Gain one agenda point" in this deck once they know what's up. Not bad, necessarily.

breaker bay grid doesn't look like it's doing much for you here. you have 5 assets it can reduce the cost of, and 2 upgrades. Maybe switch for something else? 1 more blue level clearance, 1 bioroid eccifiency research?

23 Nov 2015 LynxMegaCorp

Points for the reference. :)

24 Nov 2015 GrantZilla1979


False Lead and some 3/2's could do some work here, I think.

24 Nov 2015 LynxMegaCorp

I think Ichi 2.0 and Heimdall 2.0 could make great Howler targets. Ichi can trash things while Heimdall causes 2 brain damage (but ends the run). Replacing Breaker grid with Bioroid Efficiency Research allows you to use those ice in remotes, too. Additionally, Wotan becomes playable. So much potential here!

24 Nov 2015 PeterCapObvious

liked for the title, glhf

24 Nov 2015 slobad31

Thanks, everyone! I've tweaked it a bit, based on these recommendations, and I can hopefully test it out tonight. The only thing I wasn't able to meddle with was the agenda suite, as card slots were super tight.

24 Nov 2015 skydivingninja

Love the title and the premise, definitely agree with @Lynx Kuroneko about Ichi 2.0 being a good target for Howler, plus it's a good card on it's own.

My next question would be whether it's worth it to focus on self-destruct chips over something like ABT, which would help a lot with all the big ice you're running. Also, how does Blue Level work out with the reduced hand size?

25 Nov 2015 slobad31

@skydivingninja Ichi 2.0 has already found a home in the revised version, and it was definitely a good decision. I could certainly try testing ABT, especially in updated list, which has bigger ICE. However, I went with Self-Destruct Chips here because I was aiming strictly for a flatline, as Janus going off after a scored Chips (or vice-versa) is game over. I'll work in the ABT and see how it plays out.

As for Blue Level, it hasn't been an issue so far. I wanted something to accelerate the Offer/Howler setup, and the Clearance leaves you with enough credits to play the former and rez the latter.

2 Dec 2015 slobad31

Hi all! I just published the updated list, which could still do with some fine-tuning. I'd like to mix up the agendas a bit, but I have no idea what to cut. That GFI influence could be a Batty for more shenanigans! :)