Nowhere Is Safe

WayneMcPain 413

The goal of this deck is to exploit any and every weakness in the Corp's defenses using Adam's insane early game pressure, Overmind/ Brain Chip powered breaker suite (with standard Anarch breakers on the side), and a handful of tech cards to reestablish mid-late game pressure.

Let's deal with a couple of elephants in the room first. This deck has no tutoring, no recursion and no Dr. Lovegood. Between Safety First, John Masanori and Street Peddler, you have plenty of draw to get the pieces you need. There are many different avenues of attack here and Always Be Running is a constant threat to any single ice server, so losing a program or two isn't a big enough hit to worry too much about recursion.

Your directives are your best tools for winning the game, so to me Dr. Lovegood is only useful if you are including cards like The Source or Drug Dealer which are absent here. If Always Be Running becomes less useful in the mid to late game, Independent Thinking can get rid of it and give some burst draw at the same time.

So how does this deck work? There are four different ways this deck can apply pressure. First, Neutralize All Threats is your HQ pressure from turn one. This is a hugely important card so be careful not to float tags, you do not want to lose this! Once the Corp piles the ice high on HQ, Sneakdoor Beta restablishes pressure in the mid and late game. If the Corp decides to plug those holes, you have RDI for RnD hammering. And finally, the Corp can't afford to leave remotes open or you are getting draw from John Masanori. If the Corp decides to ice up a remote and lock you out, Stimhack can get you in.

Modded helps empty your hand and pay for expensive RDI and Multithreader. Datasucker is rather important for fixed strength breakers and making runs cheap, as always. Traffic Jam slows down FA which is a huge problem for Adam, and also saves influence on Clot.

As with any Adam deck you want to score that first agenda as fast as possible, and do a mix of setting up and poking servers in the mid game until you have the econ and breakers to close it out.

I wish I had influence for Bank Job and honestly I'm tempted to remove a Sneakdoor and a Stimhack for two of them. In testing, it was great for coming back from low creds, was an awesome surprise off Peddler and helped put more pressure on the Corp to ice remotes. If you are worried about program trashing you can throw in some Clone Chips, but I have yet to need them. You just have to play around the Corps weaknesses, make strategic runs and be aggressive.

There is a lot of great Adam going around and this certainly isn't the best or most proven iteration, but I'm having a lot of fun with it and I dig the playstyle. Hope you enjoy as well.

24 Nov 2015 GrantZilla1979

John Masanori seems right on the nose. Only thing that really gives me pause - An early game Spiderweb vs. a Weyland Scorch could hurt you if you can't shake the tag by end of turn. But that's the risk all Adam decks have from the outset, I think.

24 Nov 2015 WayneMcPain

Yeah, multi sub ETR ice can be a problem early on. If you know you are playing against Scorch decks, you likely will want to be more careful in the early game as a SeaScorch can kill you turn two. Just part of playing Adam. You can't make much use out of Masanori until you get your hand size up anyway, so I would say just be careful about when you play him. I played against a Spark deck recently that gave me a lot of trouble because I didn't have money to get rid of an early Masanori tag. Ended losing a directive. But I think his benefits outweigh the risks. You are already running every turn and can get through most ice guarenteed, you might as well get cards for it too.