Foxfire News Corporation

pbrand 264

Are you ready to quit the game after the popularization of DLR Valencia? Fear no more, Foxfire is here to destroy the solitaire meta!

A Deck Composed Entirely of Hate

In addition to destroying Data Leak Reversal, this handy little pup will also make short work of other annoying 2015 meta cards like DDoS, Hades Shard, and Gang Sign. All three D&D runners are affected to various degrees: Adam's directives are hosed, Apex can't use ANY resources, and Sunny's Globalsec Security Clearance's survival is unclear.

Two Elizabeth Mills and Executive Boot Camps (with cheap ETR ice) guarantee that Valencia can't snipe your early game servers via Blackmail. Against all other matchups, Mills pulls her own weight by scrubbing any bad pub you receive from Hostile Takeover and Geothermal Fracking. Furthermore, little old Lizzie can destroy Wireless Net Pavilions and Off-Campus Apartments, the keystone to two different runner strategies. When that doesn't work, bring in Freelancers until every pavilion is dead and the hipsters move on to leeching Starbucks or McDonalds wifi instead.

How to Fund Your Hate

The economic suite is fairly standard for BABW with one obvious exception: Paywall Implementation is considered a transaction, so playing it is the equivalent of a click for a credit. Since this enables News Hound and can be used defensively against runner currents (such as Employee Strike) it's not as narrow as you'd think.

Attaining Board Dominance

When you're comfortable, advance an Ice Wall or Fire Wall to 2 (or 4, if against Faust decks) and try to Trick of Light your Atlases and Fracking. The goal for the midgame is to have a very strong scoring server capable of pushing out one single Global Food Initiative; Archer and News Hound are key players.

This deck was originally named "Fuck DLR Valencia." I'm a bad pilot but my record with it in casual play is 5W 1L (only one of them was against Valencia, and it was a win.)

25 Nov 2015 Steamwood

I can attest that this deck is rough to go up against. I haven't pulled out my DLR Maxx deck against it yet, but we will see how that goes!

26 Nov 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

Paywall Implementation makes sense for BaBW, but I wonder if Housekeeping doesn't do well against DLR deck.

27 Nov 2015 tiedyedvortex

Maybe this would work out of Titan? Your agenda suite (Geothermal Fracking, 3 Hostile Takeover, 3 Project Atlas) all works really well with Titan and Mark Yale. It would also give you two extra influence to play with, maybe getting you a third News Hound or shift some stuff around for a third Trick of Light.

I'm not sure how useful Global Food Initiative is in this deck, though. Yeah, it buys you a little extra time, but you are already running 1-pointers so you can't play the numbers game as effectively as Foodcoats. Hollywood Renovation might work here, actually: even if they steal it, you've at least got some advancements on your Ice Walls for Trick of Light. Or if you do put this in Titan, High-Risk Investment becomes stupid good at making money.

28 Nov 2015 pbrand

Nice suggestion @tiedyedvortex, I'll be sure to test this out in Titan as a variant this weekend! So far in casual play I've hovered around 75% winrate (against random people of various skill levels on, which is a bit higher than normal for my skill level with corp.

Even if this deck eventually fades to obscurity, I'd be happy with the result so long as DLR Val dies a short and excruciating death. As a famous Roman emperor once said, "Valencia delenda est." For real, it's even got an article on The Onion.