Sunny Side Up

gumonshoe 2973

Sunny Side Up is a control deck that attempts to leverage large amounts of cash and breakers that can get through anything to establish a remote lock. For the most part the deck just sits back, makes money and watches. In this way it is like prepaid kate in that it isn't doing a ton of running if it doesn't have to. But, this deck is more extreme in its passivity until it reaches the end game.

The deck choices here, while extremely intentional are not in line with conventional wisdom. NACH, Proco, Hostage, Importing Shiv. While these cards are played, they are not often played together, and each of them is often the subject of much debate. But together they make this deck tick. I'll go into these choices in a bit, first lets talk about game plan.

Game Phases

  • Economy: Get drip econ going and find proco. That's kind of the basis of the deck. You want to have 2 drip in the early game and then when proco hits you'll begin tracking upwardly in your credit pool. You may have to delay this plan slightly vs rush decks where you need to dedicate to getting into a remote, but letting a single (non-astro/non-nisei) agenda slip is probably just fine.

  • Lock: Once you have economy, you should be installing whatever breakers you need to lock remotes. Trash everything without exception. A lot of runners are too reliant on drip right now, and you don't want to let sansans or caprice ruin your day. Also part of this phase is getting Globalsec Security Clearance down. Once these pieces are down your lock is usually set and the only real risk is a fast advance strategy, which this deck is susceptible to.

  • Snipe: To win the game, you will snipe R&D and the remote. During this phase, build your credit pool. Averaging a pool of 20-30 credits is usually pretty easy. Only run R&D when a card is there that you don't want to see (caprice/jackson/ash), or when there's an agenda there. Almost anything that goes into a remote is probably worth checking out. During this phase you usually win.

  • Finish Him: An opponent who is unwilling to lose taking risks will lose when you finally run HQ. They will likely double draw every now and then and acquire agendas, slowly filling up HQ. This is fine. When you've established a solid lock or are are suspicious single access HQ to obtain your prize. If you dip below 20 credits, its probably a good idea to go back to snipe mode.

The deck supplements the crap in faction breakers with lots of money and a few well known good ones. Zu and Corroder are your breakers of choice, but you won't always get to use them; This is fine so long as you can get your econ going, but shiv should be used as a get out of jail free card on really expensive turns. You shouldn't use shiv if you don't need the boost, and you should only use security chip to keep yourself from breaking on a remote when the runner tries to take advantage of zu. Security Nexus is the ultimate "don't want to deal with it" card. You only get 3 link, but that's usually good enough. The card is only a 1 of because its not extremely important. If and when you see it you'll have a decent idea of whether you want it.

The Hostage Package

Every security specialist needs friends; and friends who do you no wrong are the best kind. Kidnapping them is fun. Proco, Film Critic, The Supplier, and Undco are your only targets. But Film Critic plays a vital role against many of the nastiest agendas. Only get FC in the matches where it matters (The Future Perfect/NBN Meatstorm). The supplier is kind of a judgement call, most of the time you can afford things, but if you're glutted its a good way to offload install costs in the early game or to just maintain a threatening credit lead for running. Proco is almost always the 1st contact you want to fetch. It provides enough money for the rest of the game and ensures you can set up the rest of your drim unmolested. (I only shoot for 3/4 drip credits, getting them all is not necessary).

There is one major threat we haven't talked about, and that's tagging. You've got a lot of resources & 0 bad pub. All Seeing I is a major threat to your game plan, and so avoiding tags is kind of desired. New Angeles City Hall (with a film critic on the side) is the plan here. Its often cheaper than breaking NBNs sentries to just pay 2 and avoid the tag; and it's wonderfully effective vs 24/7 decks. Getting it out on the board is very important and not always easy given deck size, but we do what we can. You have so much money and link that your only meat damage threats are going to come from in-run tags and 24/7/Breaking News. NACH is a very good solution, most of the time you don't even have to pay more than the install cost of the card, but when you need to pay more, you can.

Net damage decks are a little bit more of a problem for this deck. Proco helps, a lot. And its fine to bleed cards, but ultimately you want to lock R&D vs a PE deck and that gets hard when you can only single access and you don't want to be running every advanced thing under the sun. Best advice is just to run R&D for victory and make sure film critic is on the table to avoid the extra net damage. Its a passable matchup, but a challenging one. The ice is usually not a problem. Komainu folds to shrike and shiv can occasionally deal with the other sentries you often see.