A deal with the Doctor (8-1 in testing)

pang4 831

I will confidently state that Adam has the strongest earlygame iof any runner in the game. He gets free HQ multiaccess, can break any ICE subroutine from the word GO, and gets free clickless draw. The key to Adam, in the words of Benjen, is not to avoid his Directives but to maximize them. I want to use them to maximum effect with this deck.

The idea here is to not give a shit about lategame, but instead exploit Adams absurdly powerful early- and midgame. The first few turns, Always Be Running and Neutralize All Threats will be sufficient pressure to force the corp to react, and then transition with e3, Faust, Overmind and Inside Job to keep up the pressure.

Independent Thinking is your final hail-mary to draw a veritable mass of cards, to be able to Faust into any server.


After having played Adam, here are some useful tips:

Always Be Running is stupidly, stupidly good. Most runners will spend about preparing for a run anyway, so if you can use the time to just break instead, that's no issue.

Same Old Thing is not as strong as it first seemed. It's basically only useful to recur The Maker's Eye for glory-runs when you're nearing victory. You can't use ABR during a run with SoT, so you have to rely on your breakers alone, which is unreliable without e3. The math just doesn't work in your favour. I'd much rather splash for Déjà Vu, but influence is tight.

If the corp mulligans and ices up HQ, hammer it. Chances are there's an agenda in there, and if you can snatch it, your Brain Chips will give you value for the rest of the game.

Mulligan for Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble and Public Sympathy. Everything else is secondary. If you get stuck at 0 credits, it's a hole that will take time to dig out of, and it will limit your earlygame pressure. Without increased handsize, your options will be limited since you don't get the draw from Safety first.


I'm currently 8-1 on Jinteki and in real life.

Wins against Blue Sun, Titan FA, and Cybernetics Division kill, HB Foodcoats, Gagarin assetspam, Harmony Medtech glacier, Harmony Medtech Shellgame, and New Angeles Sol.

Loss against Chronos rigshooter after possibly the tightest game ever.

27 Nov 2015 Putzlappen

Problem of Adam ist, that he has really really bad Matchup against haarpsichord kill

30 Nov 2015 botsi

This deck is amazing. 5-0 in jinteki, but is to easy to kill.

4 Dec 2015 Xikitins

This deck is awoesome! I really like it, but its weak to flatline. How do you deal with butcher shop decks? NEH or the Haarpsichord? It could be a good idea to replace SoT for Plascrade???

4 Dec 2015 pang4

It's weak against Weyland-Punitive decks, because of their low agenda density. Otherwise, your Brain Chips, Public Sympathies and Drug Dealer can keep you at 8 cards for the double-scorch. If your meta is heavy-kill, I could see trading SoT for a pair of Plascretes or maybe NAcH. If you might steal an agenda, blank it with the doctor ^^

The most dangerous flatline is actually Snare! before you get your hand size up. If it's past turn 3 though, you should be safe.

4 Dec 2015 Xikitins

"If you might steal an agenda, blank it with the doctor ^^"

Really don't know what you mean with this comment... Could you explain to me, please?

4 Dec 2015 pang4

New Angeles City Hall. You can blank it with Dr. Lovegood so it doesn't die when you're about to Maker's Eye or run a scoring server.