Apex test v0.5

Erik_Twice 2016

So far this is my most successful build of Apex. It's a fairly standard build, the most notable inclusions are Overmind and DDoS and also the Wasteland/Chop Bot engine which I think is far from perfect but heavily underrated.

It's also notable for not including Quality Time or any other sort of draw beyond Chopbot. Apex keeps cards in its hand for very long so drawing 5 in a go just leads to discarding. I would run Diesel or the like but the influence cost is prohibitive and there's little you would rather do anyways.

The deck works well, but autoloses to HB, making it non-viable. Apex needs a way to get through Architect, Turing and Assassin and I'm not sure one exists. Unless that is solved, Apex will never be competitive.

27 Nov 2015 tendermovement

The deva programs might be the answer for a lot of things in Apex. You can have one deva on the table and switch it as needed. Therefore it's not a great loss when it goes away. That is, if you're running the Apocalypse archetype and not big rig stealth Apex or something like that.

27 Nov 2015 esutter479

Best solution to Turing is either Prey run and click through it, or D4v1d. Mimic laughs at Architect. Assassin though...that's a toughie...other than eating the traces on a Prey run, it kinda just hurts, tbh.

28 Nov 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Erik_Twice Well Mimic is really the best answer to Architect tho you could also run threw it on turns your gonna Apoc. Assassin theirs Sharpshooter or Deus X or D4v1d and that works with Turing these are all program solutions tho.

Their are other ways mind I mean you could just pay through the trace for Assassin, Inside Job it or Emergency Shutdown. Emergency Shutdown would work well if you can apoc soon after also as you could get rid of Architect that way. Scrubbed could also help for Overmind certainly make getting in cheaper.

Program wise theirs also Femme Fatale which can do all the lot once you know their their but it's really expensive so you'll probally need something like Ice Analyzer to even get that to work.

28 Nov 2015 Erik_Twice

@esutter479 @Pinkwarrior

The thing is, if you are going to play 3 different silver bullets plus Endless Hunger you may as well play a normal rig which is far more reliable.

Femme Fatale is too expensive, if you put it on Turing you'll have to pay 8 credits on Assassin. And if you put it on Assassin you can't get through Turing.

You cannot use D4v1d because Turing will be on centrals and using Prey is not a solution, they have Archived Memories and will reinstall them and that in the lucky case you don't lose the game because half of your turns were spent doing nothing.

Scrubbed costs influence and is not a solution, it's just an economy card. Emergency Shutdown doesn't help without the denial to back it up and does nothing if you can't get into HQ.


I hope so, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

28 Nov 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Erik_Twice I can't say I disagree they all have their downsides but really their the only real options if you wanna go Apex: Invasive Predator theirs probably a few other options as well but they will all have their problems I feel apex is just hindered a little 2 much he either needs more influence or more cards.