Hell Server (EtF) v1.05

Filk 2

This is a list I've been tinkering with for about 6-7 months, which I took to the Philly 2015 regional event. I went 8-6 and placed 33rd out of I think 92 players. It was a direct copy of the Waldemar HB DMQT winning list, and I've tweaked it to my own comfort to combat my small meta of 4-5 players. I have no records, but out of dozens of games that I've played with versions of this deck, I would guess my win rate is close to 75% (my gut says higher).

The goal has always been to score Mandatory Upgrades, but that is a product of building a strong board state as the runner bangs their face against well-iced centrals and early remotes with a single ice. My games always go long, and I comfortably afford 2-3 ice on every central and scoring remote. Once Mandatory has been scored, the game is essentially over. If I'm not scoring Mandatory, it is usually over-advanced Vitruvius and ABTs in what I call the Hell Server (Oaktown+Ash and/or Red Herring behind Tollbooth).

I'm pretty sure I'm winning my game if the runner:

  • Wastes their money on trashes

  • Steals an NAPD

  • Faceplants into Architect

  • Spends their clicks on Bioroids poking remotes/centrals

They need every credit to get the Agendas that matter, or cheat them away from me. Props to Film Critic and Imp, who I havent seen enough of to be worried.

I felt Encryption Protocol was too slow and too low impact, and Oaktown Grid makes the runner very upset when they add up the trash costs of Ash, Red Herring or a Campaign. It has saved my ass against cocky Whizzards. I cant stress how terrible and great it feels to cause some players such visual stress, especially so frequently.

This list is currently tech'd against the AI heavy meta, which may or may not pass. Potential weaknesses that exist are Hacktivist Meeting, Film Critic and DLR. David has gotten really popular and might be a nail in the coffin, but I need to do more testing against these to be sure. At their worst they apply immense pressure, but they dont demolish my strategy.