Apocalypse. Say it once, say twice, say it 6 times. I've played apex since it came out, and I was a bit sceptic of apocolypse at first, but I now realise it's amazing. It completely thrashes the corp (provided that you can get into the central servers) and grants you access to the central servers. A common play for the corp after apocolypse is putting ice on Archives. So you need an icebreaker. So you use Independent Thinking to trash the cards you need, and draw 5 cards(which is a significant part of the deck) and then getting down an icebreaker.

When playing apex, it's possible to dump your entire hand onto the battlefield turn 1. This gives you an idea of how fast apex burns through cards. Most people over look Levy AR Lab Access. I think that this is a must in all apex decks, as it allows 6 apocalypses

I also think people overlook the shards as to include otherthings. However, they both have powerful effects and could gain you money in the process. Sacrifice Hades Shard to force the corp to discard 2 and potentially gain a cred during their end of turn is good. Although, if you really disagree with the shards, you could put in a couple of Quality Time.

Finally, there's the icebreakers. Endless Hunger is a obvious choice, if not mandatory. But endless hunger does have a huge downside, which means you have to search for another icebreaker. Crypsis is one choice, but I did'nt like the fact I'd have to keep putting clicks into it just to keep it alive, especially when you use a lot of clicks just to gain cards. After going through a few more icebreakers (Alpha, Overmind, Atman), I finally settled on Faust. Faust breaks anything, and I have quite a bit of card draw, so I gave it ago. The results were spectacular. I could rip through servers, and say APOCALYPSE.