Sunny Day 1.1

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This is my attempt to make a deck that takes full advantage of what Sunny has to offer. I really wanted to find a way to maximize her ability along with all the cards in her mini-faction. Her breakers are great, if not a little pricey. Globalsec Security Clearance gives you a soft R&D lock no matter what ice they have, letting you know exactly when the right time is to cash in Security Chip and call in her Bigger Badder Breakers.

Data Folding/Underworld Contact - With Sunny's 2 and memory-free cloud breaker suite, these are a no brainer. Late game these will take the place of Magnum Opus as the primary economy engine.

Magnum Opus - One of my first thoughts when making this deck was, "What can I do with all of Sunny's spare memory?" Magnum Opus is my answer. It provides great early economy to power her not-so-cheap breakers and console. Late game, once her insane clickless economy is set up, I will install over this to ensure that Data Folding stays turned on. This is one of the main things I look for in an opening hand.

Rabbit Hole - This is an awesome card that absolutely sings with Sunny. Once you find the first one, you can install all three, simultaneously thinning out your bloated deck and bringing her to 5! Once Sunny is at 5, Security Nexus is an absolute beast! You essentially get 1 free Inside Job per turn as its Trace5 turns into a Trace0.

Street Peddler - I don't need to tell you why this card is great.

Self-modifying Code - This is here as a way to be flexible and make the most of the 1-of programs: Datasucker, Medium, and Nerve Agent. In a pinch, this could also be used to find a breaker or Magnum Opus.

Medium/Nerve Agent - The longer the game goes, the stronger Sunny becomes. These help to pressure R&D/HQ while also potentially threatening virus purges. It is a win-win whether the corp purges or not. No purge: continued central pressure; if the corp does purge, you get a free turn to get your awesome drip econ, free Jak Sinclair run, Security Nexus bypass, etc.

Jak Sinclair - I think its worthwhile to mention some of the great synergy Jak has with some other cards. Security Nexus is a hardware, not a program, so your clickless run does not have to be limited to servers with no ice. Also, you cannot use (i.e. spend) virus counters from Medium, etc., but you still gain virus counters for successful runs, making Jak-fueled runs on centrals even more enticing.

That's all I have to say for now. Let me know what you think. Any comments, questions, suggestions are welcome.

29 Nov 2015 Corence

I don't think I like Opus as early game economy. You need to click Opus 9 times to have it break even with a Sure Gamble. The card is a tempo hit, and it makes me worry since Sunny's early game is already quite slow. The longer it is on the table the better it is, but you're planning on trashing it halfway through the game. What about cards like Career Fair/Modded to help you get out your high cost cards?

I'm not convinced on virus multiaccess versus the interfaces. Sunny isn't the best at hitting a server multiple times in the same turn. If you used the interfaces instead you could keep Opus around for the whole game since you wouldn't have a memory issue. If you dropped both of them and SMC you could get two of each interface which seems like a good trade to me.

Street Peddler can be a little dangerous with 1x cards and no recursion since you might end up with several cards you need on the Peddler, but it's such a good card I think it's worth it.

Why Same Old Thing? Using it on Quality Time isn't really that good (3 clicks and 3 credits for 5 cards), and 4x Employee Strike seems a little unnecessary.