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magikot 1975

Score a Posted Bounty, then next turn click 1 play and rez Jackson, click 2 Power Shutdown your deck and fire Jackson to recover the 24/7 News Cycle and two Scorch, click 3 play them with Accelerated Diagnostics for the kill.

You have cheap ice to keep the runner out and Hostiles fuel the Archers and 24/7. Green level draws you into your combo pieces a little faster while also benefiting from your ID ability.

Once you've scored the Bounty start digging aggressively for the power shutdown and the win.

1 Dec 2015 tzeentchling

Just as a note, you need two agendas for 24/7 - one to sacrifice, and one to trigger the benefits of.

1 Dec 2015 magikot

Correct. 24/7 tends to eat a Hostile or an Atlas for me.

1 Dec 2015 dormio

Incorrect. (Sorry haha.) If you look at 24/7 News Cycle, the forfeiture of an agenda is an additional cost; Accelerated Diagnostics ignores any additional costs. So all you have to do is score the Posted Bounty, get an AD, Jackson, and Power Shutdown in hand, and you're good to combo.

People are doing this in NBN using Breaking News instead, but then you don't have enough influence for two Scorches and the rest of the combo cards.