New Yellow Flash

Diegofsv 1368

A disgustingly fast deck. Lily is stupidly good for it since you grab your Psychographics so fast. Its not made for last so go for Midseason Replacements ASAP. After that, its a countdown.

1 Dec 2015 dante77

Very good deck. WOW!

2 Dec 2015 x3r0h0ur

I think you want at least 1 fast track. Between the 2 tutors, you have the game in hand, if you can land the MS. Maybe SnG?

2 Dec 2015 Bigguyforyou518

If it's a fast deck, why run News Team? It tends to just extend the game longer, since most runners aren't going to take 2 tags and intentionally drop a persistent trap in archives. I might run something like Product Placement in its place, which will directly fund your Psychographics strategy, and can bluff as a Keegan Lane behind your tracer ice.

Do you concede against an early Film Critic?

2 Dec 2015 Cryoclasm

I would also suggest Snatch and Grab

2 Dec 2015 Diegofsv

@x3r0h0ur Both cards are great and I should put at least one of them here. Will think about it.

@Bigguyforyou518 News Team is great for Lily Lockwell or to slow down really aggressive runners. If I remove it I would go for SnG or Fast Track or even Keegan, since money is really far from a problem. Film Critic is surely a problem but can be dealt with since you have others tag options. SnG is a great card to be included anyway.

@bubbathegoat While it could be a great card indeed, your main way to victory is Project Beale. GFI make the agenda numbers in a 44 card deck just right and QPM will, most of the time, be stole and added to your score area.

@Cryoclasm Yeah, I should include at least one.

2 Dec 2015 Tr33beard

Any particular reason for running this out of TWIY instead of SYNC? You get to keep the small deck size, get 3 more influence, and make the tags from Raven and Gutenberg more of a tax early on.

2 Dec 2015 Lorgar

I would play Cyberdex Trial which is not that easy trashable and could be tutored with Lily. Maybe it could also be usefull to play Quandary so that you could try to rush one GFI.

2 Dec 2015 alexstevens

Consider Resistor instead of Wraparound? Fills the same early game role of demanding a fracter, can be rezzed for cheaper, and becomes monstrous once you land Midseasons.

2 Dec 2015 Diegofsv

@alexstevens Its a pretty neat idea, thx

3 Dec 2015 CodeDigger

Have you considered using Turnpike? It would give tags and steal money increasing the economic imbalance for a larger Midseason Replacements.

Snare! might also slow down the aggressive runner. It's expensive at 4 but the 3 net damage and 1 tag probably offsets the expense. The influence cost would be a drag though.

5 Dec 2015 BobAloVskI

@Tr33beard I tried building this out of SYNC: Everything, Everywhere and it did work too but I was unsure what to didn't the extra 3 influence on. So I just ran out with only using 12 influence. Everything I could think of would have made the deck inferior, IMHO.