London Operative

LynxMegaCorp 1335

I'll say it again - I love London Library. So far I've used it successfully with Chaos Theory, Andromeda and to a lesser extent, Hayley. Here's my attempt at throwing in another flavor.

Being a light combo deck, smaller decks are better. Sil fits that criteria and also has a neat ability that melds well with this deck's one / two runs per turn tempo. Her ability puts passive pressure on HQ and forces Corp players relying on traps to invest time in HQ defense, letting us hit R&D for access and threaten remotes.

There are slight changes to the Library 'norm' that this deck composition allows:

Logos means I can play a little slower if needed early on, letting me set up while allowing me to fetch missing combo pieces. As such, I can run 1-ofs that normally are difficult to include, in this case: The Source. It can make future agendas harder to score and disrupts the normal Corp pace.

The Supplier can save up to (if not more than) 22 credits over a duel. Not to be underestimated.

Yog turns 99.9% of Code Gates off when installed at 6 strength.

Breach is there to shut off Curtain Oversight attempts on centrals and to turn off Wraparound if needed. Also breezes through Spiderweb, weakened Hive and possibly Orion. Can be swapped for another fracter depending on the meta.

Film Critic enhances both New Angeles City Hall AND The Source!

Easy Mark is often overlooked, but can allow you to come back from a low credit pool, so trash that asset, steal that NAPD or install that card if you need to. And the Corp thought we were too broke. For shame.

Lastly, once HQ has been invested in, do some research on a Sneakdoor, get some accesses, then pull it back. Either the Corp ices up Archives to prevent future free accesses, or you get to run HQ for free every turn (okay, for 1 click, but you gain 1-3 credits each time, so).


Sil's ability is great for guiding your Library installs. If they've got a nasty Archer waiting in a remote, let Femme bypass it. Turing or Swordsman trying to kill Overmind? No problem.

Also, I love London Library.

Moral? Don't run cheap, run smart. Don't need credits if Overmind and Yog can take care of everything!

2 Dec 2015 WayneMcPain

This is really interesting. First time I've seen a London Library/Autoscripter deck. Could you give a little insight on how to pilot it? How do you get your rig set up reliably? When do you put on pressure? Or do you just draw like crazy until you are set up?

2 Dec 2015 Dothanite

So @Lynx Kuroneko, I know this may be awkward since we just met and everything, but.. ummm...

I love you. I am a HUGE London Library fan and you've found a unique way to bring it into blue. I'm slightly biased, since London Kit is still my all-time favorite deck, but Silhouette was my first love. You've done a good job of breaking down the parts and building a great engine.

The only thing I'm not sure of is the economy. The Supplier is fun and may seem to help you save credits, but it also slows you down to installing once per turn. Your burst economy only grants you a net of 21 credits. I would suggest going the Career Fair/Daily Casts route if you can. Free Data Foldings that are turned on the next turn is nothing to scoff at.

2 Dec 2015 aero

Looks real good. Could be wrong, but I'm thinking Tri-maf Contact in place of Easy Mark might be really good, albeit a little slower. Excited to give this a spin.

2 Dec 2015 slobad31


You, sir, are an inspiration. This is getting sleeved tonight for some testing :)

"Yog turns 99.9% of Code Gates off when installed at 6 strength."

Love it.

2 Dec 2015 LynxMegaCorp

@WayneMcPain - Realistically, you can apply pressure as soon as London Library is installed and either Femme or Overmind is in your grip. Femme makes single-ice servers unsafe, while Overmind cheapens sub tax / makes small ice obsolete. Everything else is support.

@Dothanite - I love you, platonically of course. My original LL builds all contained 3x Career Fair, regardless of ID. In this deck I wanted malleable credits. Easy Mark doesn't limit me and allows me to dip low on credits to install early cards and not wait for Resources. The Supplier installs my Resources, so Career Fair became redundant.

This brings me to @aero's suggestion. Tri-Maf is an excellent choice. This deck already follows a one-per turn tempo (Supplier install, one run), so being able to for 2 during down time fills in any slow gaps.

The Supplier makes it free, and because I run a large grip, its meat damage penalty is mitigated. Thanks for reminding me of it.

I have yet to test this, but I'd be happy if anyone tried it out. Thanks for the support!

2 Dec 2015 LynxMegaCorp

@slobad31 - Thank you. Bows

Glad to see London Library get some recognition! This was the perfect chance to renovate the game's overall meta. Making runs cheap / free while maintaining threats can be very effective.

(Meant instead of before).

2 Dec 2015 michaeln

With just one The Source, you are only going to make one agenda harder to score. My inclination would be to replace it with another New Angeles City Hall because that is protected by Film Critic. Then, if you're confident that you can afford to avoid all tags with NACH, you can use Zona Sul Shipping to give you more drip economy...

3 Dec 2015 LynxMegaCorp

@michaeln - I think one Source is enough to mess up the Corp's tempo. 2/1s can not be scored from hand without investment and naked 3/2 installs are no loner guaranteed. Being able to prevent safe scores makes it easier to stay ahead of the corp.

Zona is riskier and not needed when Tri-Maf / Supplier / Folding handles drip and Technical Writer enables late-game burst with no down payment. Because this deck aims to run cheap (Overmind tokens + Yog), it wouldn't need additional burst. Its a great suggestion, and could be swapped if more burst is needed.

3 Dec 2015 LynxMegaCorp

Just won my first duel with this deck vs Gagarin, woot!

11 Dec 2015 Fleshbits

Looks good on paper, but lost 10/10 games on Jinteki with it tonight. Can't seem to get it going until turn 7-10.

11 Dec 2015 LynxMegaCorp

Ouch, that's unfortunate. I've had pretty good success with it so far. What exactly seems to be the problem?

27 Dec 2015 internet_potato

This is a beautiful deck, I thoroughly enjoyed losing to it on this evening.

It was particularly versatile against haarpsichord 24/7 butchershop.

While I ran up to 5 AP pretty quickly, film critic/the source (both tutored with Logos, I assume) made it impossible for me to score anything else, and traps/bait were rendered pretty useless with silhouette's ability + on-demand femme (or sneakdoor).

Likewise, NACH + a big pile of money (saved up by precision runs) made it clear that 24/7 breaking news wasn't going to land anytime soon, either.

I piled up the few pieces of ice I had left on a single remote, but wasn't enough to keep anything safe from overmind + femme, and he FC'ed one agenda from HQ, saw the other behind my wussy glacier and stole it too.

I have a good feeling about this deck, seems like it fits a great criminal tempo.

28 Dec 2015 LynxMegaCorp

Thanks for the great review! Jank isn't just for show! :)

5 Jan 2016 Ghandian

What are your thoughts on this list post-MWL?

6 Jan 2016 stormzbowler

How do you handle decks running Caprice Nisei? If i understand correctly a successful Nisei would cause the run to be unsuccessful and trash your Autoscripter. Do you just ignore a server you suspect has a Caprice or trust your Psi bids?

18 Jan 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Updated version published. If the meta begins to slow down, this deck could be quite a threat.

18 Jan 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Also, Caprice is a huge issue, as usual. Either ignore her or slot a S&W if your meta is flooded with her.