Sunny's Testing Service

Pinkwarrior 2278

The Idea of this build is to get a fast sunny up and running The decks been on fire so far and can get alot done

Alot of it boils down to Security Testing this linked with John Masanori & Jak Sinclair gets me 2c and a card at the beginning of my turn, it works especially well with all the sideways builds atm. Against Glacial you won't get the same speed but since you now don't need it as you have time to set up the Multithreader's, Kati Jones and Underworld Contact then the deck still performs well.

Street Peddler is also a must allowing you to get through that deck faster and trim it down & with so few events it'll rarely fail. No Data Folding I feel it's a little slow taking a turn more before it pays off over UC and activity encouraging you not to use your MU. (a resource you have that should really be used imo)

Security Nexus only a 2 of as i don't want to see this early or even at all sometimes I see it more as a missing breaker / Snitch using it as a pay 2 to bypass since theirs no extra link in the deck. Most people won't boost the str since I usually have more money anyway and if they do I can just let it hit and clear the tag(/s).

Multithreader originally a 2 of as I favoured Datasucker originally but after some play it proved to be more useful for glacial decks so I found space for a 3rd.

Lawyer Up is actually more of a free deck slot than anything else I am not entirely sure what to do with it originally it was a 2 of for when I let the Security Nexus bump me out with John Masanori down but since that's not happening I dropped one out for another Multithreader.

2 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Do you think Lawyer Up is more worthwhile than Networking? They are equivalent, Networking costs 1 less to remove two tags, but LU draws you three cards. However, Networking can sit around for the entire game, letting you remove tags for essentially half price. Since you are running Security Nexus as we live in D&D days, the persistence might add a lot of value.

I think your decision is probably correct, but I wanted to open up a dialogue about it.

2 Dec 2015 Pinkwarrior

@FarCryFromHumanI have actually been contemplating changing Lawyer Up for Networking. I find I don't get 2 or more tags in a turn to be able to get the full effect of Lawer all that often and are often either using to get rid of 1 tag making it remove a tag and diesel or it just sits their.

I am not sure weather Networking will be any better but it will get tested. Other ideas for this influence include Quality Time which I suspect will also be a good bet.