Street Tech-Chess

JustJD 160

Built on the classic "Exile-Pawn combo", with some add from D&D: the excellent Technical Writer (tons of money) and Harbinger (food for Aesop). Good in the HB meta, needs good timing.

2 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Since D&D and the upcoming Mumbad cycle have some nasty tag punishment, I'd consider dropping an Plascrete Carapace for a New Angeles City Hall. It works well with Film Critic and you are rolling in cash, and it protects you similarly to PC from all meat damage but Punitive Counterstrike and like... Checkpoint?

I think you are safe dropping a single Scavenge to go down to 45 cards.

2 Dec 2015 JustJD

New Angeles... could be really great. I'll test it! It's hard to give up a Scavenge: early game often is useful to scavenge the caches while you are setting the rig (3/4 creds + 1 draw) and then it's essential in a Femme Fatale-based deck like this.

2 Dec 2015 forktines

I've been running a similar deck out of Haley using Overmind as my main breaker. It combos really well with Deep Red, Scavenge, and all of the zero mem programs. Might be worth a look for this deck.

3 Dec 2015 AkAnderson

Love me Exile, used him for about 4 months all last Store Champ and Regional season. One thing I learned was that you need that Aesops, so I would recommend going up to 3. If I were to try it, I would make these changes: -1 Femme, -1 Indexing, -1 Test Run, -1 Plascrete and add 1 Aesops, 1 Harbinger, 1 RDI. Been wanting to go back to Exile, so I will probably give this a shot. Thanks for posting.