Dothanite 376

I wanna go fast.

This is something I threw together after being inspired by a deck I saw on Jnet before D&D came out.

If all else fails, you have your one-of Biotic Labor you can recur.

This deck has a damned-if-I-do/damned-if-I-don't mentality for the runner which is fun to watch. It's a different type of trap which give the corporation points.

This deck struggles with the right ICE suite. I really don't know what would be taxing or binary enough to keep the runner out until you have the pieces you need to shake n' bake.

And don't do what I did against the inspiration for this deck - I ran a into a Plan B and stupidly left it there. I figured I didn't want to waste the credits and I just wouldn't run there again. By turn three my opponent had 4 points using the Trick of Light on his leftover Plan B.

1 Sep 2016 cwoac

Pretty nifty actually. Mushin + ToL + Plan B is a pretty solid 3/2 scoring machine.

I've been trying it with three newer cards: vanilla over himitsu (cheaper, as good). Dedicated neural net over TFIN (unsure on this one, but it does provide some decent HQ defence and is another media blitz. Plus if you do blitz it, they will 100% assume there is a snare in hand. improved protein source over TFP. On the one hand, it is much more vunerable. On the other hand, it is much more scorable (mushin + adv plan b into double ToL if needs be).

I think it does need to find room for some actual teeth (either junebugs or snares) - maybe cutting a fundraiser and a hedge?