Simplest Geist

Scorpi12 108

Just an easy Geist deck, using Geist-y cards.

The aim is to make each run count - multi-access and account siphons are the orders of the day. Overmind is there to fill in the gaps that the disposable breakers leave, while taking advantage of all the MU space.

e3 and Box-E are cards I don't need to get, but they're nice sometimes. Box-E is my console go-to because of both the added MU (to fuel my Overminds) and hand size (because after I make a run, I may have drawn a whole heap of cards and I don't want to have to discard them all).

3 Dec 2015 forktines

Security Chip seems pretty Geist-y, maybe +2 Security Chip -1 The Helpful AI?

7 Dec 2015 Scorpi12

This was made before DnD, but I'm still not sure I'll put Security Chip in. You're right: it is super Geist-y, but for now The Helpful AI also helps me get to 2 link early, and cycles itself when I'm done with it. The Chips would be nice once I'm already up to 2 link, but it's already a bit of a slow-starter as it is.

Technical Writer, though, I should be slotting in.