Together We Will Feed The World!

rnishimura 159

Just a Foodcoats deck in Stronger Together... Plus Lag Time to make those Bioroids even stronger (with a bonus: Architect not Mimic-able).

Let's hope the runner brought lots of D4v1ds and recursion ;)

And yeah, this is most likely better in Etf, but everybody already knew that :)

4 Dec 2015 Vimes

How do you find the economy in this deck? I've felt that HB's economy is balanced on the fact that it pretty much expects you to run things out of Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future, and your package here looks similar to what is in those decks. It also makes me think at a time when runners can amass wealth that the many traces in this deck won't be as powerful.

In my recent attempts at Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together, I have experimented with cards such as Brain-Taping Warehouse and Successful Demonstration. Now I didn't use Breaker and Eve, so maybe that makes it easier.

4 Dec 2015 rnishimura

You are absolutely right, this deck's economy is much better on Etf because of the id ability. What I found so far is that if you don't find Breaker Bay Grid and the Campaigns early in the game, the economy is pretty tough. And the traces on the Ichis here are not that important, I usually don't bump them and just use it to tax the runners a little bit.

I did consider Brain-Taping Warehouse on this deck, but thought it would be just another thing to protect and not a big advantage in using Breaker Bay Grid. But I might give it a try in a future iteration.

4 Dec 2015 aermet69

I don't think you generally have to protect Brain-Taping a lot. Perhaps a single ICE if they've got scrubbers or something similar. It's still a 4 Trash that you only need to rez when you break even or profit on it.

5 Dec 2015 Faceboy89

Just wanted to say that I love your name for this deck!