I can't believe it's not Corroder!

pikachewbacca 147

14th at HAC Finals at Covenant store. Summary to come. BLACKAT is love, BLACKAT is life.


With Foodcoats and Butcher/Convenience shop presumably being the biggest representation in the meta, that means the following barriers are what I would need to worry about: Eli 1.0, Wraparound, maybe wall of static, and.... Resistor??? Weyland has fallen so much out of favor that BlacKat's time to shine has finally come. Using non-stealth credits, the costs are the same for Eli, Wrap, and Resistor as Corroder (most stealth build's chosen Fracter). In the NBN matchups, Inti is really all you need for wrap and resistor. Could corroder have done the job? Absolutely. But... BlacKat!

In all seriousness, a lot of foodcoats were packing assassin on top of Ichi 1.0's and 2.0's to go with their architects. What better way to make big R&D runs than by paying 6 free recurring credits to break all 3 and see 4 cards for free? Pretty important to have money early for setup, namely proco. I would have liked to have another Kati to help fuel the runs where I did need to use regular credits.

Honestly, its nothing new for stealth, but if you want to win with flair, play this version and enjoy the look on their face as you modded a BlacKat out with a Cloak from the Hayley install.

Possible changes could be adding Kati or armitage for credits. If you really want to make repeat runs, mimic can do work on the double architect servers, but really not needed but in corner cases.

6 Dec 2015 moistloaf

BlacKat is really well positioned right now, IMO. glad to see others playing it, i've been liking it in a CT Stealth

7 Dec 2015 pikachewbacca

@moistloaf I got so much grief (playfully) from the people I made the trip with on BlacKat. You're dead on about the positioning. Its just really good against the current wave of corps. It obviously won't stay this way forever, but its always fun to find those old cards that can thrive as the meta shifts. I like the idea of doing it CT for consistency, but those double hayley installs on everything are SO GOOD.

7 Dec 2015 moistloaf

yes I've been debating trying my CT deck in Hayley for that reason. allow you to draw more aggressively with your fourth click getting two installs

7 Dec 2015 AsteriskCGY

And I want to revisit my Stealth Anarch.

12 Dec 2015 leburgan

I wonder with the few programs your looking to actively recur, if 3 clone chip is correct.

12 Dec 2015 pikachewbacca

@leburgan You could be right that it's a flex spot to maybe go down to 2. I actively use them to fetch with smc from the heap. Also allows me to drop a cloak or Atman in the bin early if I'm drawing towards stealth pieces, so I did like having 3 there. Only one way to find out. Testing time!