Boom! (Malaysian Nationals 3rd Place)

Prawnyman 318

Corp deck here. Built to handle DLR.

Originally called Armandgeddon but NINJC published a deck with that name first so here we are.

Ever since I saw Apocalypse I wanted to play it in Geist with his transient rig. Apocalypse helps in bringing the game back to early game where the Criminals can take the most advantage of and Criminals always had a problem when the Corps ice up all servers. The cloud suite helps you get in a server cheaply once and you only need to make big runs a few times before the nuke.

Play Style

I play this deck somewhere between the aggresive Datasucker criminal we're used to and the sit and snipe criminal that was always an intended archetype but never really broke out. There are many turns where I draw 2 cards and install 2 cards. I still run a lot in an effort to force rezzes and keep the Corp poor, occasionally checking HQ if I haven't seen an agenda in a while. With his ability and Quality Times I could usually get Apocalypse latest at the time the Corp has upgrades in their scoring remote and is attempting to score their second agenda. I usually pull off the Apocalypse play when the Corp attempts to score the first agenda.

Ideally when you want to nuke the board you've got two Inside Jobs in hand and a Clone Chip installed. If you don't have Apocalypse in hand, check if you can draw it in during that turn with all your trash cards. Make your 3 runs, derezing Architects if able with Crescentus. Corps usually won't rez the Crisium Grid for a standard HQ run or even an Inside Job run. At the end, use Clone Chip to install a program (usually Crescentus or Shiv) and trash all other installed programs. Then boom.

Card Choices

Bank Job

So good in the current meta and doesn't stick around when used.

Quality Time

I used to run 3 Fisk Investment Seminars but I found I was giving fast advance too much. One of the players in my meta suggested 1 Clone Chip for 2 Quality Times which worked well since I'm usually healthy with credits.

3 Inside Jobs

I mentioned earlier that I like having 2 Inside Jobs for the Apocalypse runs but having multiple Inside Jobs helps in contesting the remotes.

Cerberus "Rex" H2

This used to be another Crowbar but I felt I needed a tool against stacked Turings.

3 Shiv and 3 Faeries

I felt between Levy, Clone Chips, Inside Jobs and Crescentus, I had enough to deal with sentries. However, there was one game where I had Apocalypse-d twice and had 2 Shivs facedown and 2 Architects rezzed which put me on a limit of my runs on those servers.

Tournament Report

I chose Geist as I expected mostly glacier or butchershop. With the lack of multiaccess fast advance is harder but managable if you can Apocalypse early and keep trashing econ assets.

The tournament itself I saw A LOT of Foodcoats. I beat all of them however one of them was a timed win. He would have won since his board was set up and HQ was protected by a pre-emptively rezzed Crisium Grid and Caprice. (He hadn't seen Apocalypse yet; he said he was afraid of Siphon and Emergency Shutdown).

Only loss of the day was against RP (Still close at 6 points). Only other non-Foodcoats was a Punitive Blue Sun.

Current Deck Iteration

-1 Spike, +1 Sneakdoor Beta:

Nationals taught me that HQ upgrades can really stop this deck so Sneakdoor was slotted in. After I get Corroder I didn't need Spike that much. Also helps against players who know of the Apocalypse and pre-emptively rez Crisium Grid.

-1 Utopia Fragment, +1 Mimic:

With 3 Architects in Foodcoats sometimes you can't derez everything with Crescentus before the big board wipe. Utopia Shard was mostly there to aid against Butchershop anyway.

11 Dec 2015 DarlingSensei

Faust has been pretty solid in s Gabe deck with a similar denial plan. It also allows you to blow up the world with just one breaker.

I've heard differing opinions on Fall Guy in Geist. Is he the real deal, or is he just borderline economy that synergizes with Gesit?

12 Dec 2015 Prawnyman

@DarlingSensei Haven't tried that yet but I'm assuming it's like a cross between Gabriel's) Judgement and Faust) Parasite Gabe?

I included Fall Guy mostly as a pseudo-Plascrete which I would consider a plus. Against non-butchershop I do usually install and trash it the same turn. Which isn't to say it's bad, I get my combo/rig up faster and get money too.

There are times where I just lay it down so I have more trash icons to use when I'm making the Apocalypse run and don't happen to have it in hand. I usually do that when my deck is almost depleted.

12 Dec 2015 pikachewbacca

Took this to a GNK today and went 3-0 with it. -1 Utopia Shard, -1 bank job, +1 Employee strike, +1 same old thing. Same old thing to recur more siphons and employee strike.

Strike was monumental in beating Haarpsichord round 1. Apocalypse on a triple install turn, was able to steal all 3 winning agendas in archives from playing Employee strike. Clone chips and fall guy trashes drew me enough cards to survive the 24/7 play sacrificing his astro counter to go all in on it. Absolutely exhilarating to play without a plascrete and survive that.

Round 2 was HB Sponsorship. Setup clone chip-crescentus the turn before he installed behind a rezzed tollbooth. Popped the crescentus to derez the architect over HQ and blew up the world grabbing another ABT out of archives after.

Round 3 was Gagarin. Bank jobs and Siphons galore. Inside jobs are so great with the early criminal pressure keeping them from really protecting everything they need to.

I've been playing MaXx apoc for a while and this just felt so much better from the get-go. Great deck!!!!