Professor Proof

Drugs 22

This is a proof of concept deck for The Professor. The basic idea is taking all of the best draw and econ cards available to Shaper and putting them in one deck.

I'm currently testing the deck on going by the same user name.

7 Dec 2015 Krams

It's always nice to see someone trying to dust off the Professor :)

Some questions to think about:

Why no Self-modifying Code? Wouldn't it be good to pick the best breaker out of your arsenal during mid run?
Why no Freelance Coding Contract? You can't use all of those programs at the same time anyway. Just draw until you have what you need and discard the rest. This cards gets you money for discarding programs and it pairs well with Quality Time in a Professor deck.
Why no Clone Chip? With the dog breakers, D4vid, Deus X, Sharpshooter, DaVinci, Copycat, False Echo, Grappling Hook and Parasite you've got quite some disposable programs to recur. And with enough programs in the heap, Clone Chip can become a great tutor. (Even better if you would use Freelance Coding Contract.)
How much are you using your stealth setup? The Cloaks and Lockpicks seem a bit odd. I know that Switchblade is by far one of the best breakers in the game if you can get your hands on enough stealth breakers, but is it really worth it? It seems so unreliable to set up a stealth rig, trying to find 3 Cloaks out of 100 cards. You don't even run Ghost Runner as backup.
Are you getting enough out of your LLDS Processors? I imagine they become quite useless once you've got the optimal breakers out to fit your opponent's ICE suite.