Foodbots Blitz v1.0

deepomega 3

Built around Brain-Taping Warehouse and your ID to get a lot of irritating ice out cheaply. If the runner is running, use BTW to rez ice for cheap as hell. (If they never run with any clicks left, that's a win too.) If the runner isn't running, use Executive Boot Camp to trickle your ice online. Also works as a soft counter to Blackmail and DDOS decks. Use a fake-out Xanatos Gambit to bluff your Mandatory Upgrade out with Mushin - if they steal it, just Media Blitz it right on back.

Considering swapping some EBT for some Jackson, but honestly, even in my floodiest games I haven't really cared if they all end up in my hand or in archives, since the runner needs 4 to win and I only need 3 or 4, and by late game you're ready to fast advance with a scored MU or with Biotic Labor in hand.