The Art of Trolling 3.1.5 (undefeated in 4-round tournament)

anr_marsellus 1334

The newest version of the deck went undefeated in a 16-player tournament today. Changes in comparison with version 2.0 are the agenda suite and the takeout of Data Ravens. ChiLo City Grid turns Troll into a Data Raven that cannot be jacked out on encounter. The jank is real. Keegan Lane becomes an MVP in such a server. I wanted to play 3 Ash and 1 Ichi 1.0, but forgot to make the change (that deck would be version 3.2). Usual winning play is to hard score two Astros and then you can never advance any 5/3. I also won one game with an Astro and a 5-point Beale. Matchups in the tournament: Ken Tenma, Valencia (no DLR), Reina (with DLR) and Quetzal.

13 Dec 2015 kwind

Very cool, I love the concept. Is the Heinlein grid worth the 4 influence and 2 card slots? I've used it a couple times in Bioroid decks and was usually a little disappointed.

13 Dec 2015 tiedyedvortex

Have you had any issues with the fact that ChiLo and Heinlein can't be used in the same server?

13 Dec 2015 anr_marsellus

@kwind Heinlein+Troll+Ash is a super efficient and unbreakable Scoring Remote. Worth every pip of influence.

@tiedyedvortex nope. Heinlein goes to the Scoring remote, ChiLo on HQ or R&D as these usually have News Hounds protecting them as inner ICE. One Troll on the outside+Keegan+ChiLo makes that server quite safe - particularly as you play quite some of them.

20 Jan 2016 Smimons

Any thoughts on how to make this MWL legal? Would you cut the Astro or try and rejig influence elsewhere?