Day Dreamer

Brad_Defacto 90

normal shaper tricks. uses cloud for memory for either sneakdoor or keyhole.

8 Mar 2014 Gurkensalat

raw power deck. i guess creeper is kind of afortable with magnum opus. maybe you could squize in same old thing for more flexibility? and more trashing power! maybe -1x scavenge -1xRDI +2x sot

8 Mar 2014 Gurkensalat


8 Mar 2014 DeMarko

Won't Underworld Contacts net you more credits for less in a deck like this? I think I would swap Daily Casts for them

8 Mar 2014 Brad_Defacto

I don't like how slow underworld contacts are, I only have diesel for draw, they cost 2. the daily casts are always 5 credits for one click.

I definitely want a same old thing in there. demo run is awesome on hq or r&d with interfaces. I'm also experimenting with running this with chaos theory, cybersolution chips no toolbox or dyson and using normal breakers. and personal workshops for slowly pumping out all the hardware.

9 Mar 2014 Brad_Defacto

it also needs plascretes.