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This deck is still a work in progress, but it's a lot of fun and maybe (?) is viable. Main issue right now is that CG/OTG are pretty tough to set up reliably, and influence is too tight to add more multiples of the key cards. Early game econ also tends to be problematic.

Credit to vincentkbl for the Panic Button / Reuse / Crisium Grid / Off the Grid deck out of Jinteki Biotech. Also, to Finnbarr (I think?) for a couple of key suggestions including CVS to deal with Imp.

Panic Button / Reuse are bananas in IG.

Early game: Ice R&D, lightly ice HQ, put a panic button on it. Start filling up archives with traps while your hand fills with agendas, mainly focus on getting some credits at this point. Eventually, they'll have to run a flooded HQ. Jam that panic button a lot, then next turn dump loads of face down cards with Reuse and double your credits.

At this point, archives should be pretty toxic, and there should be a prohibitively high trash cost for your econ assets.

Crisium grid on HQ, Off the Grid in a remote, score out with OTG. Don't forget to rez OTG before the runner's turn starts.

I love the panic button / reuse synergy in IG, and I am wondering whether it would be better to use Ash and/or more caprice's to get a similar effect (require a painful run on archives to deal with extremely high trash costs of defensive upgrades).

14 Dec 2015 internet_potato

Also: Allele Repression is so fun in this ID. It gives you:

  • Agenda mobility: can dump agendas into archives, then pull them out and leave only the traps when the runner eventually bites the bullet and runs it.
  • Instantaneous HQ-poisoning: fill your hand with face-up Shock!'s and Shi.Kyū's when they legwork, make them run through your Crick to get at the TFP's you just dumped.
  • Instantaneous trash-cost increase: they're about to trash your crisium grid? Put some face-down cards in archives and now they can't afford it.
14 Dec 2015 lilelia

Ooo I've been wanting to do something in IG for a while and somehow never thought of panic button/reuse in it. I'm not someone who likes OTG antics but this deck has given me tons of ideas, thanks!

14 Dec 2015 Sanjay

There are so many things I love about this list.

Combining the Reuse + Panic Button combo with the Off the Grid + Crisium Grid combo is beautiful. What a great way to force them to visit HQ so you can do your Panic Button Shenanigans. This really makes me want to jam the two combos into other IDs too... Can Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers run it? Can Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined? What Weyland ID would this be best in?

The agenda spread is really cool. I love how Clone Retirements are so convenient for getting you to 7 points, but barely help a runner with their less valuable Global Food Initiatives. Obviously, the runner would welcome the bad publicity, but still!

I haven't played enough IG to really know for sure, but it seems like missing Ash is really going to hurt. It makes sense that you are pondering dropping Panic Button - Reuse for him. I suppose you could cut some Global Food Initiatives too so you can fit in more fun things? But of course, you'd really miss those too.

Anyway, thank you for publishing this!

14 Dec 2015 internet_potato

@Sanjay Thanks for the comment! I have to emphasize that vincentkbl on jinteki.net was the first person that I saw running this combination, so he deserves the credit for creativity.

I struggled with the agenda spread a little bit, but I like Clone Retirement for the last 2 points because it helps against Val and gets you a 7th point from hand, both of which are nice. I was also thinking about running 2 pointers + GFI so that it takes the runner 4 (or more with Shi.Kyū) to win vs. 3 as corp, but TFP in an archives full of traps is pretty sweet.

To clarify my last paragraph- I meant replacing CG/OTG with Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Caprice Nisei. As you say, this has the disadvantage of making it harder to fire off Panic Button since the runner has less need to hit HQ.

15 Dec 2015 Labbes

If you want to play OTG, I honestly think the way to go is to do it in Weyland and just import Mushin no Shin. That way, you can run both 3x without worrying about influence. If you run it out of Blue Sun, you get the added benefit of being able to take back OTG after scoring.

When running this list, it seems insanely hard to set up CG/OTG since you run neither 3x.

15 Dec 2015 internet_potato

@Labbes Yeah, definitely going to try this using Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Caprice Nisei instead of CG/OTG to see how it works. It is tough to set up the combination early, though Panic Button, Crick, and Allele Repression make it (relatively) consistent in the late game when CG is hardest to trash.

15 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

@Sanjay Check out my '7 deadly corps' list with Panic Button and Reuse. netrunnerdb.com

I'm actually running this deck tonight, with a few twisted ideas.