Everything is Oaktown

Waltzard 369


I think we can all agree that Oaktown Renovations is a great agenda. You can score it out, and you don't lose money. Instead you gain it. The notion of this deck is to use Titan and Mark Yale to make all agendas behave that way.

Agendas were therefore chosen based on how many tokens they gave you. You (almost) never spend the tokens using the agenda ability, rather they just hang out as banked creds until Mark Yale hits the table, whereupon you use him to convert them.

Oaktown, 1 click to place, 4 to advance, net +4 creds for itself, +3 for Mark. Geothermal 1 click to place, 4 to advance, net - 4 for itself, + 9 for Mark Firmware, 1 click to place, 3 to advance, net -3 for itself, + 12 for Mark Atlas is an exception, usually use the token to fetch. In a pinch its 3 creds to advance out, 3 creds for Mark-ing the token, but you almost always want to fetch something.

Assets: 3 Capital Investors are our money makers. Put em out behind some ice and grind away like they are a Menage. If the Runner isn't going after them (some don't), Using it twice per turn and putting out a piece of ice is generally the way to go. I chose Capital over Melange due to the flexibility of not having to spend all clicks.

1 Corp town: Mostly this just functions as an agenda to feign an Atlas with and incite them to spend creds getting through a scoring server, but it can also be used as part of a kill routine, if the runner is hiding from Sea Source using NACH. Who cares if you forfeit an agenda if you are getting the kill, right?

Very occasionally it is worthwhile to use it even when not scorching. If you've eaten all the counters off an agenda, and the situation demands it. DLR, or enormous Kati Jones or what have you.

Boot camp: Its drip economy which costs nothing to rez, which is nice, and you can use it to fetch the Snare if needs be. Mostly an anti DDOS/Blackmail silver bullet, but like all agendas you can slap it down in the scoring remote if needs be.

Jackson Howard: Our lord and savior

Mark Yale: Main economy piece of the deck. Judgement call whether to trash him or make the runner do it. Some games demand one, others the opposite.

Shattered Remains: Screw plascrete

Snare: Every deck should have 1. Will lucksack win you games.

Operations: The murder package is the usual weyland/nbn.

Paywall implementation: This card usually amount to an extra hedge fund. Put 1 in here to turn off runner currents if they are being annoying.


Weak: 3 ice walls for quick cheeky gear check scores. Medium: 3 fire walls, 2 spider webs. 1 of these guards the economy server, others stack up on R&D and HQ Strong: 2 Hadrians, mostly use them like medium walls

Builders: Put these in front of fire/ice/hadrian's. They are good ice, and at 2-8 you usually won't get them without something they can buff. Swordsman: For Eater and Faust Rototurret: In case of runners who don't bother to put in a sentry breaker.

Data Ravens: These generally go in the scoring remote. They are fantastic and obnoxious pieces of ice.

16 Dec 2015 lolpaca

Have you considered Reclamation Order, maybe over Snare!? With so much SEA Source and only one Jackson it seems like you'd want a more reliable way to burn through any Plascretes and still come up smiling.

Apart from that, I like the look of this!