Ape X: Virtual Kong

Nr. Hook 8

Thanks to @Zeromus for publishing a fantastic description of Apex Hyperdriver. Piloting this deck is similar to that one. Given my incomplete card collection, I had to swap out some cards--which altered the Influence, which led to swapping more cards.

One thing I couldn't cope with during test draws was the persistent trashing of cards with no way to get them back. You want to use Apex's ID ability from the start, installing cards face down at the beginning of each turn, so you have plenty of food for Heartbeat as soon as the card is in hand. Combined with Hunting Grounds, face-checking ice becomes a non-issue, forcing Corp to rez or be razed, squeezing their economy.

The problem, for me, was trashing unused economy Events with either Faust or Heartbeat, with no way to return them for use. So I added LARLA to calm my neurosis over this and enable the deck for a late game resurgence. Never had to use it, but knowing that I could go Ape-shix and trash whatever, I played more aggressively. Peace of mind.

Added Uninstall as well, thinking that I could save Heartbeat from Apocalypse, but that's impossible without the extra clicks from Hyperdriver. So Uninstall needs to be swapped out. Any ideas? (Something to tutor for Hunting Grounds would be nice.)

e3 Feedback Implants saves cards for Faust when facing a glacier of multi-subroutine ICE.

I've played only one game with this deck, but it won against a guy that repeatedly whoops me. My record as a Runner against him is 1 win out of something like a gazillion losses. This Apex deck ended my losing streak within 15 minutes, and glorious tears of joy puddled in my waning credit pool.

It feels strange to pilot, but it's fun, so give it a try.