Because We Had Time To Build It

InanimateLog 441

Because We Built It's greatest strength is creating a 20-strength Ice Wall from Hell, but will often lose before it gets to that point. Now that Data and Destiny is released, the Shannon Claire + Government Takeover combo, alongside Global Food Initiative, buys the time needed to reach that late game.

Whilst you're building up your board state, the runner is doing the same. However, few runners can outscale you as the game goes on. For those runners who like to sit back and click on Magnum Opus all day, this is where GRNDL Refinery and Caprice Nisei really pull their weight. And no matter how much money they have, no runner likes to pay 18 to trash an installed Public Support.

Often, runners will assume there are more agendas in HQ than there actually are, so I like to leave it only lightly defended to encourage fruitless runs.

Femme Fatale and D4v1d are pretty big weaknesses, but they're somewhat mitigated by Constellation Protocol. Swarm is theoretically good against them and I should experiment with including another one in place of a Fire Wall. Knifed, Forked and Spooned make this deck very sad.

Data and Destiny and Order and Chaos have put Because We Built It is in its strongest position ever, Whilst "strongest" is a superlative term and this still isn't a tier 1 ID, I've seen a surprising amount of success, and there's something satisfying about ice with an absurd amount of advancement counters.

18 Dec 2015 NetrunningAmok

You really want to show the hate for femme and d4vid? Tech for it with Tyrant ^_^ Then you will have to worry about Morning Star though, But to be honest, when was the last time you played against that? :) If you include Tyrant you will probably want to slot another Executive Boot Camp so that you can get the tyrant rezzed and advanced before it is needed.

Also, Satellite Grid might be worth considering.

18 Dec 2015 RubbishyUsername

I think Swarm is his David and Femme solution. It can be advanced while facedown, unlike Tyrant. How valuable was Firmware Updates, given that it increases your agenda density and puts your opponent in the position of only needing to find 2 GFIs? Could Hollywood Renovation be a better choice?

19 Dec 2015 InanimateLog

Firmware Updates increases agenda density, but not agenda point density.

Advance Firmware Updates three times, and you get 3 advancement tokens for ice. Advance Hollywood Renovation five times, and you get five advancement tokens for ice. So in terms of raw effect, both are near-identical. Over-advancing Hollywood Renovation is nice but I think Firmware Updates' lack of telegraphing makes up for it.

Hollywood Renovation means I need fewer scores to win- but I don't think this is necessarily better. It also means the runner must run my scoring remote fewer times to win, reducing the taxing effect of my ice.

That said, it might be worth switching Oaktown Renovation for a Hollywood Renovation and ditching one Firmware Updates.

19 Dec 2015 Trypios

Unfortunately, there's too much david, parasite, DLR and other nasty stuff in the meta. Given you want to hide agendas at the bottom of RnD you may want to consider 1x GT, 3x Vanity Project and another agenda for the lowest density possible, that you can shove half of them into the bottom of RnD.

22 Dec 2015 Johnny Polite

In my experience with Because We Built It, Hollywood Renovation is really amazing. It gives you an opportunity to actually score big agendas much earlier than you otherwise would. If you have a server with one or two pieces of space ice, advancing the Hollywood Reno often makes it possible to rez those expensive pieces of ice when you'd otherwise be unable.