Ken "Escher" Tenma - Reading Rand. ID Jank Tourney 2 - 2nd

Cliquil 887

This deck was made for a special tournament - a "jank" tournament.

I am not sure but I think it might Johno of Neoreading grid (and Neoreading cast) fame’s creation and I just think it is really a nice structure to have every few months or so; it provides a format that can encourage great Netrunner stories, experiences and combinations not seen in normal play, especially in a tournament setting.

This tournament was a random ID tournament but with the emphasis being on “creative” cough janky cough builds.

This meant that there were two ways to get points; the first was the classic way – winning games. Each player could also vote for one runner deck and one corporation deck after round 5 with each vote counting for half a point towards an eventual score total.

On this occasion Johno had also removed the biggest/best IDs from the possible listings; these was Val, Noise, Andromeda, Kate & Leela.

This was my Runner deck.

Sooooo… the name kind of give it away. It’s your classic Escher-Copycat deck. What’s fantastic with this combo is that you don’t need to spend any influence on remote breakers so you can take the central only breaker suite, safe in the knowledge you can always get into a remote with no problem at all* It is also fun because you get to say “I run here…. And NO I DON’T I’M OVER HERE INSTEAD!”

The deck took a lot of messing around with to get right. Economy was a problem early days, and card draw could also be surprising problematic. Public Terminal was a Godsend and really solidified the deck. It made Dirty Laundry as good as in PPK whilst also making a lot of what the deck tries to do a lot cheaper. Playing Recon for a net gain of a credit has never been sweeter.

What was weird about this deck was in order for it to shine you needed as much rezzed ice as possible - so that made Recon & Inside Job things you did to force Ice rezzes on remotes, along with Forged Activiation Orders where necessary. It also made econ denial the opposite of what you wanted to do. You did want your opponent slow but invested in Ice so Account Siphon which encourages either having few credits or ploughing the money into Assets was not useful. It also potentially made the corp more focused on protecting HQ and throwing a Crisium Grid on there which makes Escher so much harder to pull off.

This deck was fun. Jank forever people. Jank forever.