Rezzed Junebug- Reading Random ID Jank Tourney - 2nd place

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Cliquil 393

This deck was made for a special tournament - a "jank" tournament.

I am not sure but I think it might Johno of Neoreading grid (and Neoreading cast) fame’s creation and I just think it is really a nice structure to have every few months or so; it provides a format that can encourage great Netrunner stories, experiences and combinations not seen in normal play, especially in a tournament setting.

This tournament was a random ID tournament but with the emphasis being on “creative” cough janky cough builds.

This meant that there were two ways to get points; the first was the classic way – winning games. Each player could also vote for one runner deck and one corporation deck after round 5 with each vote counting for half a point towards an eventual score total.

On this occasion Johno had also removed the biggest/best IDs from the possible listings; these was NEH, Haarpsichord, RP, ETF, and I think Blue Sun was our as well,

This was my corp deck.

This was more combo focused than I think is always wise, but it was fun to try and pull off. I only pulled it off in prepping for the tourney (once against CodeMarvellous which was particularly pleasing) but in the tournament the jank did not show.

Essentially the ideal combo was to Mushin No Shin out a Junbebug - tell your opponent that it is a Junebug, in full honesty, with your word as a jank Netrunner.

Next turn rez it. For the lolz. And to prevent it being hit by Drive By...obviously.

Meanwhile you're setting up a trap server:

Step 1 - A way to make them not jack out. Sometimes this was Whirlpool. Sometimes this was gained through scoring Labyrinthine Servers. Sometimes i had to use a Marcus Batty to win a Psi game on the Whirlpool.

Step 2 - RSVP probably needs to fire, to minimise the amount of needed wins through psi games. This was often brought about through a Marcus Batty psi game win, ironically.

Step 3 - Bullfrog. If you have already won an RSVP Psi game it is easy to jump them into the Junebug.


As I said, the combo only fired in training but was fun when it did. Well, I did manage to fire the combo in the tournament, but they already had a Deus Ex out. I just decided to show off the combo.

One additional weakness was found in training - Security Testing (Bank Job would have done the same). I discovered this when someone put the Security Testing on this remote and, suddenly realising the problem, I went "NOOOOOO!" when they hadn't even realised the amazing counter they had stumbled upon.

I think if I were trying to make this more viable I might just make the combo fly into a Shinobi. This does 6 net damage against someone who can't spend credits just as well as an overadvanced Junebug. That said... rezzing Junebug just made this day.

22 Dec 2015 waferthinninja

Love it. I didn't get to play you this tournament, but trusted you were playing some premium quality, free-range corn-fed jank.

22 Dec 2015 Cliquil

Thanks man! Will your decklists for the event go up soon? I looked over your shoulder to see some horribly nasty tag and bag stuff vs. Rahul! Be delighted to read those lists

22 Dec 2015 waferthinninja

The exact decklists have been lost in time unfortunately. I got SYNC and Sunny. My SYNC was based around Restructured Datapool and Media Blitz, with standard Keegan Lane/Data Raven tech as a backup against anyone with the temerity to have more than 1 link.

With Sunny I'm ashamed to say I really struggled to find a jank seam to mine. The most janky thing about the deck I eventually played was that it pretty much ignored her link and her console, and just tried to set up as quickly as possible with Modded and Career Fair. I'm sorry, I will return my Jank Club badge, hat and robe.