MaxX Eater Siphon - Hacktivist

thearete 238

OK, so I thought I'd write a few words about this deck which I've sort of fallen in love with. A different (not as good) version won a casual tournament in Örebro Sweden (you can find it on stimhack). Since then I've made some changes and I have now arrived at a version that I'm EXTREMLY happy with.

I started playing Eater Siphon in August after seeing a guy on youtube run a version with prepaid voicepad. I thought it looked great and after finding a few different decklists I've put this together. After worlds I added Apocalypse instead of a 2nd Femme and Hades and Utopia Shard (after some guy wrote an article about it). I also removed Knifed, Spooned and Forked which were really kinda useless. Even before worlds I added 1 Turntable but has since added 1 more. It allows you to pull of some great plays and the extra MU has also become useful since I added one copy each of Mimic, Yog and Corroder (for Architect, Turing and Wraparound). I've also added a third copy of Retrieval run since it allows you to quicker and cheaper get the right breakes/keyhole out.

Hacktivist Meeting is a key cards against horizontal decks. It should cost the opponent to rez a bunch of Caprice, Ashes, Evesand, Jacksons etc. Rembemer, it's ADDITIONAL cost. They can'r rez with no cards in hand.

Wanton destruction is an MVP against almost any deck (especiall Haarpsichord kill decks). You don't have to draw into Account siphon to pressure HQ. If you preasure RnD, they they can't afford to keep HQ and a scoring server protected. Agendas tend to pile up. Basically, depending on the cards I draw, I decide whether I should pressure RnD or HQ. When they try to sneak out an agenda behind and ice (when you sit with only Eater out), you drop that Knight (or fetch it with Retrieval run) and get the agenda. Ddos can also help of course.

I'll try to record a few games on Jinteki and the links here so you can see how I play it. But be patient. I don't facecheck ice. If I don't have Eater, it means I have econ cards (I play 13, counting Account siphon).

Oh yes, it's extremly rare that I remove tags. Even against kill decks. You have to chose the right time to Account Siphon. Make sure you steal some money, don't let them use it all for HQ rez.

Links to videos: (more will follow soon): (NEH) (EtF)

22 Dec 2015 ANRguybrush

How many cards do you draw manually? I'm asking because the deck is 49 cards. That means if you want to get the maXximum out of your deck and not waste any cards, you'd have to draw two.

22 Dec 2015 Pandaclysm

It looks like he wants things to get trashed so he can deja vu it or SoT. There's I've Had Worse to aggressively run and punish the corp with free draw.

23 Dec 2015 thearete

@mcpba Rarely. I don't really understand what you mean by get the maximum out of the deck? Can you clarify and then I can try to explain.

``@Pandaclysm`Indeed. Or Retrieval run. But You have to be careful, you need to have it for Levy. So don't hubristic about Siphon recursion.

24 Dec 2015 ANRguybrush

If you never click to draw cards, the last two cards in your deck will get trashed without giving you a draw. You can cut down to 47 to avoid this, or to 48 so you can draw a single card.

31 Dec 2015 thearete

@mcpba Ah,I see what you mean. Well, that isn't really too much of a concern. Because ofcourse sometimes I do draw, and sometimes I play IHW or something else that changes that. That small thing which is not optimal is marginal in terms of the overall game plan. I'm 13-1 with this deck as of Today and it includes a win over a former Top 8 player in worlds. So the deck performs. As of know,I really don't feel lke I would change much. You should try it out!