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anli 7


  • Is single Rototurret worth it. Depends if a Runner will face check with non-killer programs. Early game and restricted condition.
  • More Consistent play will be Eli 1.0.
  • Marked Accounts is better than Shell Corporation as they are all one click for 3 credit
  • Daily Business Show (Draw Assets) vs Economy Assets.
  • ASH vs EOW vs Snare
  • Eli 1.0 has one of the highest taxing ability over its rez cost.
  • Data Raven is not useful late game when the runner is doing a gamble run
  • Closed account is only useful if the runner float tag in early game. Late game closed account has minimal impact with breakers out. Breaking news + closed account combo is possible.
  • Caduceus vs Eli 1.0. Eli 1.0 is consistent in taxing ability against popular breaker like corroder (4 credit). Caduceus lose to popular breaker like mimic (2 credit)


  • Consistency of usage over best case combo
  • Multiple win condition: flatline with PSF, snare and 7 agenda (main)
  • No Advance
  • Taxing Build
  • Keep Runner credits low to enable tracing effectiveness with Making News identity
  • Threaten scoring of agenda if Runner chooses not to run on unadvanced remote
  • Encourage runs in taxing servers


  • After scoring AstroScript Pilot Program, reserve the token for scoring Private Security Force
  • Score Private Security Force ASAP. It enable the taxing effect of Data Raven
  • Rez Marked Account to tempt the Runner to waste credits to Trash
  • Imp is a counter to the taxing strategy of this build. Consider purging virus token especially with drip assets on the board
  • Data Raven should be preferably play after Private Security Force is scored. It discourages multiple runs
  • Economy ice sould be on centrals
  • Keep draco unrez on HQ againsts Account Siphon. When rezzing, consider at a strength of 4 against popular Mimic breaker
  • Early binary ice for gear check. Quandary, Draco at low strength. Consider trashing them later when breakers are out to save install cost.
  • Watch out for surprise Run at HQ during high probable situation. When the Corp takes a mulligan. When the Corp are discarding decent cards from HQ.
  • Giveaway low piority agenda (by advancing) to tax the runner to set up scoring window for high piority agenda. Low piority: NAPD, breaking news, second or third PSF, Project Beale. High piority: ASP and first PSF.
  • Tollbooth. On encounter: 3 credit. Break with Gordian Blade: 4 credit
  • Data Raven. On encounter tag: 2 credit + 1 click. Unbroken trace: 3 credit. Break with Pipeline: 7 credit
  • TMI. Break with Corroder: 4 credit
  • With Astroscript token + Breaking News in remote, runner with 1 card = flatline.
  • With 2 ice EOW, PSF lock is possible.
22 Dec 2015 NetrunningAmok


Personally I think a lot of these cards are pretty terrible. Namely Drac┼Ź and TMI. While incredibly fun, I think you will find that Private Security Force rarely works the way you want it to do. There are usually better agendas to choose from and better tag punishment options available as well. Finally, Lord Jackson is a must include and you almost always want 3 copies in any corp deck.

I hope I'm not coming off as a bully. I just wanted to give you some deck building advice. I would suggest either focusing on a really taxing glacier style, or having a better kill plan. Also Near-Earth Hub is almost always going to be a better option than Making News.

Cheers and good luck!