Flex those Pex V9

mouseofknives 8

I've been tinkering around with Apex a LOT recently, and this is the deck I've had most success with so far. I've done a pretty extensive write-up about it here if you fancy a look: http://www.the-boarding-kennel.com/netrunner-notes-getting-to-grips-with-apex/

22 Dec 2015 iceqs

I really don't like Q-Coherence Chip in Apex. Harbinger does not like it and there are a tons of trashing program shenanigans out there. A Power Shutdown on EH is devastating to your deck.

And Parasite's ability is self-trash if I'm not mistaken. It still triggers the Q-Coherence Chip. I think you should go for the Dyson Mem Chip for greater stability and the links do help sometimes

22 Dec 2015 Phoenix

Also Turing? Surely double stacked on a remote is a problem?

22 Dec 2015 MisterLovejoy

One thing about Q-Coherence Chip is that if they Power Shutdown at 0, you can just trash the Q-Coherence Chip instead since the runner picks which program or hardware is trashed.

22 Dec 2015 mouseofknives

Exactly as MisterLovejoy says - in my experience Q Coherence is great fodder for Power Shutdowns targeting EH, as well as the odd handy facedown install early game. Dyson Mem Chips are fine, but just too costly for Apex, which just doesn't have a bunch of extraneous cash to spend.

I've linked to a fairly long write-up about my experience deckbuilding and playing Apex over the last few weeks: www.the-boarding-kennel.com

22 Dec 2015 mouseofknives

...which also mentions the Turing issue. In short - it's a pain, but double-stacked on a remote means there's only one left max which can be on a central, which increases your chances of being able to Apocalypse the two remote ones away.

23 Dec 2015 Saan

I guess I'm in the anti Q-Coherance crowd. It's not like it's a bad card, but breaking using a Harbinger kills it, when a Parasite does it's job, it kills it, and if a corp trashes an ICE that Knight is on, it kills it (which gives the corp even more reason to kill Knight than usual). Its 0-cost install is very attractive, but it doesn't seem like it's going to actually do too much for long.