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mercian 2

this deck seems to wright it self it slow but really can not be beat when it fully done

23 Dec 2015 CTclone

Maybe cut some breakers to spend some influence? A blunt approach: go down to 1x breakers, use 3x SMC and 3x Clone Chip.

23 Dec 2015 Kitescreech

Everything a 3x except Datasucker? And only 8 Inf? And no console? Im intrigued,

24 Dec 2015 Mechanoise

@Kitescreech There is a console, Security Nexus.

24 Dec 2015 Phoenix

Seriously use your influence. You have 25 for a reason and there are so many great targets. Career Fair, Adjusted Chronotype, Modded, Zu (as Striker sucks), R&DI, Legwork, Vamp, more card Draw (I like Inject).

Also, why 6 link AND 3 Plascrete?

24 Dec 2015 Phoenix

Even 3 x Lucky Find to accelerate your early game if nothing else....