anDLRomeda (DLR Andy)

kookoobah 1170

This is a DLR Andromeda deck I've been working on for a while now. Key cards that put it over the other DLR decks are: Inside Job, Hostage, and The Source.


I don't like DLR Valencia because of how slow it is, and I prefer Minh Maxx much better because of the speed. This deck combines the speed of Maxx and the remote control of Blackmail with Inside Job. Leela could work also, but I REALLY like the 9 card opening hand. It helps you start the Siphon Train up to 1 turn earlier than Leela, which is crucial. With a great hand you can start the Siphon Train on Turn 2.


One of the main advantages of this deck is the speed of setup. DLR decks typically take a bit of time to setup before they get going, this deck has a 9-card starting hand PLUS a bunch of TUTORS that really get you started.

Special Order lets you find that Faust early on, and later it rounds out the breakers with Breach for Wraparound and Passport for the Turing on HQ.

Hostage is brutal. Targets early game are typically Drug Dealer and Fall Guy, and in the midgame it can help you find Joshua B, Scrubber or The Source. Extra Hostages go towards more Fall Guys.


One of the main ways to counter DLR decks is by rushing agendas in the remote which is usually checked by Blackmail. This deck has Inside Job in faction, and combined with the Account Siphon spam (Deja Vu and Same Old Thing) the Corp has a difficult time developing a remote.

The Source is tutorable with Hostage, and it really slows down decks that try to rush and fast-advance. Astrobiotics has to play around it, GFI has to stay on the board for 3 turns and 3/2 agendas can't be never advanced. Additionally, Fall Guy protects The Source even when the Corp is able to sneak out an agenda. A semi-permanent The Source is something that a lot of Corps find difficult to deal with.


No Sure Gamble since we're usually low on credits. Easy Mark works great.

I used to have Levy AR Lab, but I never wanted to play it, so I cut it for The Source and Scrubber.

Dr. Lovegood seemed good on paper, but you only ever use it on The Source and Drug Dealer. You don't really plan on stealing agendas, so after a few games, I cut it.

Mr. Li was tutorable, but really expensive for the deck.


I'm thinking about cutting Drug Dealer, Easy Mark and Bank Job, and going with Career Fair, Earthrise Hotel and Daily Cast or Dirty Laundry. Then shifting to Eater instead of Faust. I really like the Faust build, but this is an option.

I'm also thinking of cutting Hades Shard for another Data Leak Reversal or another Scrubber.

The All Seeing I is brutal in Butchershop, and changing Paparazzi to Plascrete Carapace might be an answer. Or I might try to fit Activist Support in.

Sneakdoor Beta to counter Caprice and Crisium Grid on HQ is also an option.

27 Dec 2015 Trypios

I kinda like it but I want to comment on your 'Val is slow' statement. IMO, (cheese) DLR Valencia is way way faster than this deck: 3x drug dealers, off-campus with 15 cheap connections to get a draw from, 3x injects, 3x peddlers. This Andy only has her opening hand,3 drug dealers and a double edged knife (Fisk Investment). Also, blackmail > inside job.

28 Dec 2015 kennish

This deck is the real deal. Played vs. this a couple of times to just get stomped.

28 Dec 2015 kookoobah

@Trypios It's not just about the card draw. This deck has Hostages which help you find the Fall Guys that you need to setup. Minh Maxx has half the card draw that DLR Val has, but because of her ability, she feels way faster.

I've played all three variations, and this is faster than Val, but I'm not sure if it is better. Maxx is probably a bit faster than this, but this deck is more laser focused because of the Hostages. You want 3-4 WNP / Fall Guy to setup and this deck gers there really fast.

Yeah Fisk is a bit of double edged knife, so you want to play it only when you have the game locked down. It's not just card draw for you. It helps accelerate the milling and gives you food for Faust.

Yes, Blackmail is definitely better than Inside Job. Inside Job is a decent substitute with all the Siphon Spam, and I like that you can make them use credits to rez ICE on their remote and still get in.

29 Dec 2015 DarlingSensei

An excellent concoction! I've been playing Minh Maxx for some time and this feels similarly powered. The ability to quickly assemble the combo and easier access to timely siphons helps out a lot. The central breakers also address problem ice like turing, wraparound, and swordsman much more elegantly than MaXX would.

My main bottleneck has been breaking with faust. MaXX riding the siphon train seems to have nearly unlimited resources to Eater away at most servers whereas Andy needs to carefully manage her Faust food. I also struggle with Fisk Investment Seminar. TheBigBoy wrote a great article on FiS in Gabe where he correctly says that using it wrong will lose you the game on the spot.

Any play tips?

29 Dec 2015 kookoobah

@DarlingSensei You don't need to be running all that much anyway. You will play Siphon maybe 3 or 4 times a game. If you feel you don't have enough cards to Siphon, draw or wait for the drugs to kick in. If you Siphon early enough, like turn 3 or even turn 2 if you are lucky, they get stuck in a hole really fast.

Fisk here is used as Faust food and to help race the mill. I also use them to find pieces, but you should be ready to Siphon on that turn to make sure they can't take advantage of what you feed them.

General game plan is prep the Siphon. You want to find at least 1 WNP and 1 to 2 Fall Guys. Then start the Siphon Train. Use Bank Jobs to force the rez on remotes. Just keep forcing rezzes with Bank Job and running on centrals to keep their money low.

Siphon. Setup the combo. Mill.

I'm going to change the Hades Shard to Eden since I probably won't steal any agendas anyway. Just stealing to deny the score is enough.

Eden Shard and Fisk will help against Jacksons and make them. Use it when they don't necessarily need to yet.

Eden Shard has the extra bonus of crushing Power Shutdown decks. Though Hades and Utopia also have their uses.

The Source is great with all the Siphons and it combos great with Hostage and Fall Guy.