Studied Waverider Kit

Alteris 81

Study guide + multi threaders is great. within 3 turns you have a 6 strength study guide. You almost always will concede 1 agenda, but when you can paint and lockdown any remotes, you are printing money.

18 Jan 2016 internet_potato

Consider changing ghost runner for Lockpick? You have to draw and play ghost runner, so that's ~2 clicks and a credit for 3 credits.

You should try Stimhack, you can get study guide to bananas-level strength really quickly with it.

25 Jan 2016 FreqKing

Fun deck, nice work! Multithreader/Studyguide is the bomb. Ghost Runner doesn't seem to be doing much work with no stealth required though. I'm still tinkering with it though.

11 Feb 2016 Alteris

Yeah, I dropped the first runners for lock picks

12 Feb 2016 Stonar

So I can't help but wonder if mem chips and lockpicks are that useful in this deck. Your full rig with both multithreaders is 5 memory, and you don't NEED both of them, surely the mem chips could be better as something else. Similarly, the lockpicks just give you 1 credit per turn. Surely Daily Casts or Kati Jones would be better for your long-term econ, wouldn't they? (Or, if you want to keep the mem chips, Magnum Opus slots in nicely.)

Also, I get that RP is dangerous here, but I can't help but wonder if an HQ Interface fits better in that slot.

Part of me wonders how this deck would look with Joshua B, since he solves the RP problem without being as much of a dead draw against (some) other corps. You'd have to drop a Surfer, but that might be okay with 3x SMC.

Also, a 1-off Inti can be a life-saver against rush decks with Wraparound.

12 Feb 2016 Alteris

I'm changed it a bit more. took out ghost runners and armitage. added Kati X 2, daily casts 3. just not updating atm....