Waste-Chopper Apex 1.2

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Using Chop Bot and Apex's ability this deck can cycle one of its facedown cards for the purpose of a new draw. This combined with Wasteland permits a strong click-less economy. Thankfully the credit cost for cards inside this deck are very low, considering any card that is not useful in the moment is fodder for cycling into new and ideally more useful cards.

Breakers: The staple of Apex is Endless hunger, in this deck it uses E3 feedback filters as a means to increase the amount of ice that Endless Hunger can break.

Yog fights against central server Turings, Crick on R&D and HQ, and Enigmas. Mimic protects against Architect. Both of these breakers are silver bullets, and are best played by cycling them out of your hand so clone chips can bring them back into play. By doing this these cards both help you find useful cards in your deck while also playing them from the heap afterwards.

When to Apocalypse: Apocalypse will be one of the heaviest lifters in this deck, and each need to be prepared for and timed perfectly, knowing when to Apocalypse has a number of variables in no particular order, failing to meet each one will either put you in a worse position than your opponent or stop your Apocalypse in the first place.

The central servers must be all access able in one turn. ---- This is best done by pruning central server ice with Prey, forcing the opponent to spend credits in a different server the turn before, or running with your first click against the central server that proves the most of a threat to ending your run.

The last option is usually the most plausible. Timing when your Endless Hunger gets trashed by Destroyer ICE is important in this. Be aware that program destruction only matters if the runner has programs, or even cares about them in the first place. Clone Chip offers a wonderful solution to this problem, permitting for Endless Hunger to come back mid run drastically increases the odds of getting three sucessful central runs in one turn.

The necessary card for the rig reconstruction must be in hand. These take the form of Levy, Wasteland, or Chopbot. These are necessary to stay in the game. Endless hunger and the rest of the core rig are necessary to win.

Tricks: TBC

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EDITS MADE: 3 Ghost Runners were traded out for Infiltration as it functions as a tool to provide credits, information, or ammunition for an Apocalypse

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Good Econ engine