Killing You 24/7

WayneMcPain 413

This is my attempt at bringing the 24/7 News Cycle kill combo into Weyland. It's not quite as fast or easy to pull off as it is in NBN, since Posted Bounty is necessary and a little harder to score, but Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future is such a versatile ID that allows for many different styles of play in a single deck, so I feel like it can be really strong. I'm not a great deckbuilder and this deck still needs lots of tweaking, but I haven't quite seen anyone else doing this so I wanted to post it as is so other better deck builders can explore the concept and come up with something awesome.

The basic game plan is to score an early Project Atlas and a Posted Bounty, use Atlas to grab whatever kill piece you need (usually 24/7) and then burn the runner to the ground. If you can't pull off the kill, there are plenty of ways to win by scoring out as well.

Atlas isn't absolutely necessary, but can speed things up tremendously, especially if you can over advance. Biotic Labor is there to help you score either one of these or your Posted Bounty. It also allows the deck some versatility in winning by scoring out if you combo pieces get trashed.

Mother Goddess is one of my favorite pieces of ICE in the game. This alone can let you score agendas early. I will often overwrite a piece of ice on a central to bring it back to Mythic status if I need to score an Atlas in a pinch (assuming they don't have an AI out anyway.) It's still moderately taxing in the late game as well.

Not a lot of R&D protection here so Global Food Initiative is there to slow the runner down. Crisium Grid for HQ to protect from Siphon spam and Cyberdex Virus Suite for Medium digs/ Parasites. Usual fare.

Everything else is standard Weyland. Lots of money and ice. Hope you guys like it and find better ways to do it than I have.