Hyperdriving to Duggars

Diegofsv 1368

A newer and faster version of little girls like big monoliths. So fast to build a rig that gets ridiculous. How this deck works:

1 - Install Hyperdriver and Duggar's

2 - Buy 10 cards, use Freelance Coding Contract for money. Install another Hyperdriver or a Magnum Opus

3 - Install Monolith and your Icebreaker suite. Levy AR Lab Access and win the game.

edit: To help things out a little, this deck should be played just like the old one. 4th/5th turn max you should be using your first levy. You first focus is money for monolith and suite, so do not be afraid to trash cloaks and datasuckers. DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING except MOPUS, Clone Chips, hyperdriver and duggars. Buy like a madman, trash what you can with freelance and try to have your suite when you install your monolith. With 2 cloaks, 1 datasucker, 1 mopus and your suite you are probably ready for a strong lockdown. If you are not using your first Levy at 5th turn max, you are not buying enough. Focus to build the RIG ASAP. Duggar your whole turn if you need.

30 Dec 2015 Syntax

Wow, this is super weird !

30 Dec 2015 Iron_Soul

This looks like a ton of fun! The only adjustment I would make is to drop 1 Levy and 1 Clone Chip for 2 Leprechauns, which would be the perfect MU for all of your programs (if you host Magnum on a Leprechaun). As is, there's not enough space for the Datasuckers, and the Cloaks are too important not to have installed.

30 Dec 2015 Diegofsv

@Iron_Soul After you got your Monolith ready you will have 8 MU. I do think its pretty enough for your suite, 2 Cloak a Datasucker and Magnum Opus. But yeah, this works too.

30 Dec 2015 Syntax

Leprechauns mmm, that may polish what I'm doing with the engine.

I played it tonight, it's fun, but not fast enough vs NBN (maybe because I only played it 3 times). The cards you say to yourself "no, not this one !" are one CS I think, and maybe one MO and one levy.

Something that may work for me is something like -1 clone chip / - 3 DS / -2 Monolith (yeah, I have to test this) / -3 Gordian Blade.

Then add 1 Escher / 3 Multithreader / 2 Toolbox / 3 Study Guide. Yeah, you loose 3 clicks and "1c" to install the breakers, but you get back those with Toolbox. Study guide may grow with Cloaks, Toolbox and Multithreaders.

I recon Leprechaun could be nice but I don't know if that's making to many moving parts (install this one on top of this one, etc) because of markus batty etc.

Got to test this, but this deck is really really funny to play : gg for this !

31 Dec 2015 Syntax

Study guide may be a false good idea. The corp just trash their codegates in response (nobody wants to install / rez something that cost 0 to break).

31 Dec 2015 Diegofsv

I edit the description to help how to play it. Go fast, go wild, focus on the RIG and only that.

31 Dec 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

Now this is what i call jank.

Seems funny, though.

31 Dec 2015 Syntax

@Diegofsv, you definitly have to test -1 CS / +1 Escher.

I think this is a perfect card for your deck, because it forces the corporation to rez in front of HQ. If you land a succesfull run, you can move rezzed ice from elsewhere in front of HQ, because meh, in fact nobody cares about HQ in this deck :)

31 Dec 2015 bubbathegoat

@Diegofsv @Syntax I agree with Syntax, 1x Escher with Levy will give you a chance to rearrange ICE a couple times in a game to suit your rig. Snowball and Gordian Blade can really take advantage of sing-type stacked servers, while Dagger wants sentries spread around.

31 Dec 2015 gumonshoe

Clone chip now costs 1 influence. What do you change?

31 Dec 2015 Diegofsv

@gumonshoe no idea, would probably go for SMC