Geist: Chips and Fish

vdude 224

Chips: Clone chip to recur Faerie and Cortez Chip for free draw and draining Corp a little more.

Fish: Find them agendas.

The goal is to Account Siphon spam to buy time to set up. When HQ gets too protective, switch to Sneakdoor Beta or R&D with an R&D Interface.

Card Choices: GS Shrike M2 is for late game when you run out of Faerie magic. It is also has no memory cost to make space for Crescentus and Sneakdoor Beta. Zule also frees memory space and is cheap for quick runs, which fuels Geist's ability.

Why Cortez Chips? Most cards with discard abilities cost money to install, but the chips are FREE. It also pairs well with keeping Corp credits low in the early game.

Cards on Chopping Block: Crash Space / Drive By are more meta calls. I would consider taking them out or a Faerie for Katie Jones (late game money), Symmetrical Visage since this deck still clicks to draw, or Fisk Investment Seminar.


The discard ability is used mostly during runs, so early game can require a lot of clicks. At the same time if you add a lot of draw cards then it makes the ability pointless. I've found FoodCoats is a tough match up unless I score an early agenda or two before they set up.

Welcome suggestions.