Free Cruise to the Bahamas

Davidmc7 60

"Congratulations, you have won a free cruise to the Bahamas!" So let's jump on the wave and make a 419 Boat deck!

The question here is: what happens if we take a classic 419 deck like thebigunit3000's INDUSTRY BABY 419 and tweak it a bit to include Boat? Well, we get something like this which may or may not be competitive, but will surely be obnoxious.

The thing is that 419 doesn't really need Boat because his interaction with Aumakua is usually sufficient to break all the ice for cheap, and Boomerang deals with the rest. But maybe we give it a shot anyway because Boat is so hot right now.

There's heaps of Coffee for guests on this cruise, and if you stay late enough you might even see the stars, which becomes our end game plan now that The Turning Wheel has rotated. Other runners may prefer giving The Twinning a shot, but this means getting your coffee out too and I think there is too much risk the stars won't align. Oh, careful not to eat too much at the buffet to avoid food poisoning.

Tags may still abound so keeping access to Citadel Sanctuary may still be useful, and we have Misdirection but maybe Stoneship is a better tech option, who knows. All the Boat influence means we're not playing Paperclip as would be tradition, but hopefully we never have to play our Tycoon and just use Boat/Turtle/Boomerang for those pesky barriers.

We also slot Rogue Trading for easy easy money once our Citadel is up and the rest is pretty much money, good tech, and a Bad Card.

Enjoy the cruise!